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Tropico 4, Farmers’ Markets and Two More Runs

I have to start this with the fact that this Wednesday I was just given Tropico 4, including the Complete DLC Pack, on GOG.com. Seems that The Community Giveaway was “revived” and I got nominated to receive this, so I found myself simply staring at a message letting me know and including the code, not having any idea how to react. Seriously meant to refuse at first, especially since the user who nominated me had it on his wishlist as well, plus that I didn’t think I’ll be able to play it on this computer as it is, but eventually decided the nomination meant the one who made it for some reason actually wanted me to have it instead of himself or anyone else who may be interested and it’d be, in a way, rude not to accept.
Still felt terribly awkward, even more so since such a nomination is a sign of recognition of one’s contribution to the community that I don’t feel I deserve, my activity on the GOG.com forums being mostly limited to arguing and lashing out against regional pricing since it was introduced, and even that dropping down to little more than an occasional quick comment in recent months. And, to make matters worse, this game is regionally priced. But it had already been bought, somebody was going to receive it and one of those at the very top of any list of people truly deserving of all the recognition from that community wanted me to be that person, so after close to an hour of worrying over it and changing my mind several times I awkwardly replied to both the private message and the post containing the nomination and redeemed the game.
As for the concerns over my computer being able to run it when I’m only using a Pentium G3440‘s integrated graphics, I’m happy to report they were unfounded, so I dove right into it, thinking to only poke around a little Thursday evening, starting around 10:30 PM, and finding that it was 1:10 AM when I thought to at least check the time, and then 1:30 AM when I finished the first scenario and quit. Sure, if I turn everything up, which I did to take a few screenshots, it slows to a crawl, but there’s no reason to do that and I can play it perfectly fine on settings that are close to the minimum possible, with only the scene resolution, visibility distance and textures at medium and clouds on. In fact, I’m quite sure I could turn it up a little more, but I see no need to.

Speaking of Thursday, I started that day by waking up at 8 AM, so after only some two hours of sleep, to check out a few farmers’ markets. Dad was away most of the week, only returning today, and we were out of vegetables, so I actually thought I may try to buy some as well, but that definitely didn’t work, so all I did was visit four of them and write down prices for a few things, and also make a mental note that one is too small to bother with again and another seems suspicious when it comes to many of those selling, in the sense that they didn’t strike me as farmers. This one that’s relatively nearby remains an option, and it’s also the only such market that I bought something from once, though that left me completely shaken for days and saying I probably won’t do that again, which so far holds true. If I will, however, I may actually go to another one, which I actually visited twice in the attempt to persuade myself to actually buy something, because it’s quite big, diverse, cheap and right next to a metro station, plus that the very fact that it’s rather far away may actually help.

But this was supposed to be a quick post and I’ve already been struggling with it for almost an hour an a half, and it’ll be more than that by the time I’ll finish, so I’ll end it here, but not before mentioning that I managed to run last week and this one as well. This week the total time was 20:47, with intermediate times of 4:35, 9:59 and 16:10, respectively. Last week, on the other hand, it was 20:42 at the end, but the intermediate times were 4:30, 9:54 and 15:59, so matching the previous records for the first and third and improving by two seconds at the second, though I then ended up with the second best time at the end, 12 seconds slower than the record. Now it’s supposed to get colder and even trying to run again Monday may be a bit of a problem, but that’s the goal since it’ll make for 35 runs this year, so two thirds if I’m thinking of the number of weeks, though I’d actually do them in 34 since there was that week when I ran twice.
However, I must get back to last week’s run and note that those times were obtained even though a shoelace ended up untying itself again even before the first intermediate point, so I kept going like that in order to get one proper time and then stopped for 15 seconds to retie it, then unzipped the training shirt and moved the keys from its front pocket to the pocket of the pants as I approached the second intermediate point, and then I took the shirt off completely as I started the third section and held it in my hand until the end. This means I managed an amazing time on the second section if you deduct those 15 seconds, but I should also keep in mind that I may have actually lost slightly less than that, since it also meant I rested just a tiny bit. The shirt and keys, even if done while running, quite clearly lost me a few seconds though, so I wonder what I could have managed if I’d have tied my shoelaces properly before starting and gone out wearing only a t-shirt, as I was actually planning before the few drops of rain and overcast sky, which quickly started to clear once I started running, changed my mind.


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