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It Was 27 Days, Actually!

Only got around to install this month’s Windows updates today, so the new uptime record is 27 days and 25 minutes. Or probably 27 days and 26 minutes until it actually rebooted. Was sort of considering to wait until it’ll be four weeks, tomorrow, but there were some important security updates in there and I was feeling uncomfortable… Not that I’m comfortable installing updates either, considering how Microsoft has been messing up the updates for older versions ever since releasing and struggling to force everyone to that new piece of shit of theirs that takes away user control even more and herds everyone who accepts it into the direction desired by the industry.
Speaking of those updates, my computer did reboot twice after installing and I’m seeing some strange warnings in the logs, including one that was only logged once before, last July, and another which also hadn’t been logged since that exact same time, though it shows up several times then and also before. And just as I was starting to write this I had the second CPU warning since rebooting, third since starting to update and fourth today. I normally reboot at four in a day, even though it’s supposed to be harmless and so far it seems to be, as I take that to mean that something about the way it booted is less stable, but I’ll give it a while longer now. Multiple reboots tend to make these warnings show up more often anyway, so I may just make it worse if I do that again so soon.

Otherwise, did manage to finish that third Modern Times scenario last Sunday, though I’m not quite sure whether it was just before or just after midnight, and then Tuesday I also finished the fourth. Didn’t start the fifth yet though and I won’t do so today either, since after posting this I’ll get back to A Dance with Dragons, where I’m not only well on pace to finish in two weeks, but may just manage 13 days.

Also, this week’s run was yesterday, the time being 20:36, which was nice, despite the fact that some gas started causing me pain as I was approaching the third intermediate point, so finishing a full lap, and I had to struggle with it for that final part. Also, new records at the second and third intermediate points, and I believe they are 9:45 and 15:44, but there is also a chance I got confused and they may actually be 9:44 and 15:45. The first intermediate time was 4:33; this I know for sure.
The plan to run again tomorrow isn’t looking good, however, and if I go out at all it’ll probably only be to drop off the recyclables. Temperatures should be around 20°C for the first part of next week, however, and it doesn’t look like it’ll rain or be too windy those days either, so I shouldn’t have excuses not to run twice then and catch up… Assuming the workers working on these buildings in the area will let me get some more sleep, as I only got probably some three and a half hours today because of them.


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