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Quick Review: Weniaria

Was having a look around itch.io when I stumbled into this, a free first book in a series, originally in Dutch but translated to English by the author, and also connected to a game. And, well, let’s just say I wasted my time, including by adding it on Goodreads, so you won’t have to.
In short, it’s absolutely full of mistakes of every kind and, while I don’t know how the original version was written and it is possible that the author’s grasp of English was far too poor to allow for any passable translation and he twisted things around and threw together whatever first came to mind, the story itself is so childish and simply worthless when judged according to any criteria used for anything which might in any way be published that even decent writing couldn’t save it. All I got from it was the feeling of reading a schoolboy’s writing assignment, stretched to about 100 pages yet still rushed through and poor enough that he was laughed at while reading it in class even though he probably still thinks it’s cool. The fact that he says he was born in 1975 and therefore that couldn’t actually be the case makes it even more embarrassing.

Rating: 1/5


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