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Reading Blessings of a Curse and Buying a Rather Small Kettle

Another really quick one, just here to have something posted this week. Still nothing about the tooth, the next appointment being Tuesday, since I really want dad to go with me this time if it’ll be a matter of discussing options, and costs, and making a decision, and he was away for some days last week and for most of this week the dentists aren’t working. Not that there wouldn’t be plenty to say before the decision, but I just don’t want to. No clue what I’ll do.

Another reason for this to be a quick one is that I started reading another book and it’s a big one, and reading on the computer makes it even worse, so I’m spending quite a lot of time reading these days and I guess I’ll continue to do so for quite a while. Had grabbed it back in 2013, it had one update, or at least one update, since, and now I guess I just decided I’ll give it a go. Was initially quite sure I’ll only finish it the week after the next, since I started it Sunday and it has 21 chapters, so was thinking one per day for three weeks, but I read six in four days so far, so there may be a chance I’ll just manage to finish it by the end of next week instead.
Will be an odd one to write a quick review for though, since it’s a huge and diverse world presented in detail and even using some rather ingenious methods, the worldbuilding is just stunning, but I get nothing from the characters or action, it’s all completely flat and artificial, and the guy has some very specific sexual fantasies that are the very core of it all and presented in great detail and, well… While I actually support the points it makes against monogamy and think I likely stomach the rest better than most as well, I don’t feel particularly comfortable when so deep in quite nasty BDSM even if I must commend him for explaining it in ways that generally make sense, I definitely take issue with the raping, let’s just say I really wouldn’t want him around any little girls, and overall it’s just way too much of that.

Other than that, since my mother scrubbed the kettle I used to make tea in yet again and likely got a good part of the enamel off even if I keep telling her to leave it alone and in fact got this one years ago after she did that to the old one, I said enough is enough and looked for another, this time a stainless steel one. The problem is that these tend to be small, and are also usually made specifically for coffee and with a wider beak, and I want a one-liter one that I can then pour straight into the bottle I keep in my room from. And I thought I had found just the one and knew a hypermarket that carried the products distributed by that firm, so went there and bought that one yesterday, also finding it discounted… And then found that, though the label on the bottom says one liter, it actually holds 900 ml when completely full, so even less if you also want some room for the water when it starts boiling. But I got it now, so I’ll see what I’ll do with it I guess.

And this was far less quick than I meant it to be, so let me just also add this week’s run here, which was Monday and great and disappointing at the same time. Was initially wondering whether I’ll even manage to stay under 35 minutes again and was even more worried after that very fast first sector, thinking I pushed too hard too soon and will get too tired later because of it, but ended up managing 34:01, making this the second fastest time on this route but just missing on it also being the second one under 34 minutes.
Sector times were 4:26, 5:13, 6:00, 4:33, 5:05, 5:51 and 2:53, making for lap times of 15:39 and 15:29. So fastest second lap time and fastest sector three of lap two, which really was when I actually started pushing. Had actually set conservative targets for the second lap, just meaning to stay under 35 minutes after seeing the first lap time and only considering it to mean that I had 20 seconds to spare, and was completely surprised by that sector two time, not having felt as if I had pushed like that at all. Then, as I said, decided to give it everything on those last two sectors, but needing to go around a woman and her child and dog right on that steep slope at the start of the final sector definitely didn’t help and in the end I fell just short.


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