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Starting the Year Playing Torchlight

On quite a whim, I decided right on January 1 to install and start playing Torchlight, even though only a few days before, when I looked through the games I have, I had put it way down the list of those I may try to play this year, the last of those I said “maybe” for, before the “unlikely” ones. But then I somehow just changed my mind and didn’t just install and try it, but have actually been playing it for quite a few hours per day, so at the moment I’m level 21, fame level 11, and just got the three glyphs from those ruins and also completed all side quests available so far and cleared the two additional dungeons you can use items received as quest rewards to create portals to.
Thing is that, after feeling quite fine about it for the first two days, taking it as just something I can go through rather mindlessly, now it’s already getting to be a bit of a chore. Will still likely keep going for quite a while as long as it won’t become frustrating due to difficulty, which so far isn’t a problem, but it’s just too much of the same, sections reused even over a few levels, entire levels reused with only minor differences, enemies that just aren’t interesting and way too few skills and spells to make the character interesting. And the fact that spells are quite hard to find, you can only know four of them at a time, which in my case is down to three since I found Identify and learned that in one slot, and when you unlearn one it’s completely gone, so you can’t simply swap them around as needed, makes that even worse.

Otherwise, yesterday I woke up after probably less than two hours of sleep to get to the Government at 9 AM, when a petition asking the prime minister to sign the application to make Rosia Montana a UNESCO world heritage site before the end of his term was delivered. It must be submitted this month and the prime minister’s signature is the only thing missing, yet he refused, making excuses and supposedly leaving the task for the new government, which was sworn in today and is unlikely to have something like this on its agenda at all, not to mention so quickly. And, on the other hand, if it does get signed and submitted by them, those we fought and who’re likely worse now than they were back then will get an image boost thanks to this very issue instead of some of those opposing them getting it.
Of course, delivering the signatures then, right at the end of his term in office, was only a symbolic gesture, but the petition had just exceeded 10000 signatures and his clear refusal was only recent, so such a symbolic gesture was what was left. Not that it made any difference, as today proved, but I am curious what the response will be, as they’re required to give one, and also whether the response will also be given individually to each of the rest of us who showed up and ended up submitting the petition as individuals as well.
Didn’t intend to do that myself, but Claudia had brought a pile of papers with the petition text that people could write their name and contact information on and then sign, so those who won’t be allowed inside with the folder of signatures will still be able to go in, and since some 25 of us were there and they said they’ll only allow three at a time, the rest did that and, right at the gate, I gave in and filled one in as well, being the last to do so. Then, simply because I was standing close to the gate when those who delivered the main petition came back out, I was in the first group going in after them, though that means the first of two groups, since the guards then decided to allow everyone in after we came out, though the agents inside were bothered even that five had been allowed in that second group I was in.
And yes, of course things got awkward again when I had to pass filters, since I had my camera with me and also a pile of used batteries, as I usually take in case I can squeeze another picture or two out of them when things are calm, or at least to put in as I go through the pictures at the end, so I won’t use a good pair for that. Not that I did anything with it, as I took no pictures, but there I was, with all of that, and when I heard there was a filter I pulled out a plastic bag I also had with me and threw the batteries in it, along with my phone and keys and the coins I had in my pocket, making the security guard ask with some confusion whether I had batteries in there after the bag was scanned. However, things got rather more awkward when the scanner still beeped and I just then realized I had forgotten my camera, which I keep in my sleeve, with the strap around my wrist, to be able to take out and slip back in as needed. Rather understandably, the agent wasn’t pleased with me digging something out of my sleeve after passing the scanner, and they didn’t give it back to me until I left.

Also ran after that. Not right away, I mean, but getting back, grabbing something to eat, going to the toilet, spending a little time on-line and then going before it got cloudy. Still little wind and sunny, but temperature only a little above freezing, so had more clothes on again and after also having been somewhere else already that day and sleeping so little, it was a huge effort to stay under 35 minutes. Felt like I was going for a record and for most of the second half I was considering giving up on that target or even stopping, but I kept pushing even when my vision was getting blurry and I was feeling quite out of it, the reward being a time of 34:53, with sector times of 4:31, 5:13, 6:08, 4:30, 5:17, 6:11 and 3:03, making for lap times of 15:52 and 15:58.
That was the first decent day for running after a few windy ones, and seems to be the last for quite a while, as today it was windy again, tomorrow it may rain a bit and then we may actually get a bit of a taste of winter, with highs well below freezing for at least about a week, with the forecast for Friday also including strong wind and snow. So I guess this is the point where I’ll start digging into that buffer of four runs I have, because it seems highly unlikely I’ll be running again for a while. Will keep looking for days when it may still be possible to some extent though, even if I’ll need to give up on target times and simply try to cover the distance, wearing whatever clothes will be needed under the circumstances, also because taking a break will only make it harder to start again.


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