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Before "Celebrating" Four Years with Another Protest

Considering the recent events, it definitely seems that we need to “celebrate” four years since the start of the “Romanian Autumn” of 2013 with new protests on the same matter. Not that there haven’t been other new reasons to protest lately as well, and some did, reports stating that around 3000 gathered Sunday, but some of those reasons were too technical, issues were getting mixed and on some of them my views clashed with those of those who did protest, so I for one didn’t return to Victory Square since a month ago. But now I definitely will, though I would have preferred the protest location to return to University Square when the issue is once again the one that can be said to have triggered this awakening of the Romanian civil society.
As such, though I don’t have much to say, I’m posting this now, as this week’s first post, and I’ll see what else I’ll manage to throw here over the weekend. Highly unlikely that it’ll be that post about no longer needing to “earn a living” and unconditional basic income that I said I should have posted already and I also wouldn’t get my hopes up about it being the one updating my list of demands for security software, which is on my mind right now after noticing a shocking announcement made by Emsisoft, but it’ll obviously have to be something. If tomorrow’s protest won’t immediately be followed by others on the same topic, I may try to post a report about it, but otherwise I guess it’ll just be another quick personal post, which may even end up being a Sunday update.

The one thing I have to add here is that this week’s run was yesterday and the time of 48:43 makes this the fastest time which wasn’t a record when it was set, and also the third in a row under 49 minutes. Sector times were 4:31, 5:09, 6:03, 4:34, 5:11, 5:56, 4:32, 5:02, 6:00 and 1:45, making for lap times of 15:43, 15:41 and 15:34. The first lap didn’t go so well and the first two sectors of the second were even worse, but then I got my head down and really pushed, managing a new lap three record and that amazing time on its second sector.
Was actually thinking that I keep expecting this to be easy, to just be something I do, but with the targets I set it’s not, I have to push myself all the way, and that’s not easy. But seeing as it’s not something I actually care to do, hardly anything is, I guess this pushing, the tracking and the targets are what keeps me going. May also mean that if I’ll fail badly once, it’ll all come crashing, but at that moment I had my targets, I knew I had to make up time to stay under 49 minutes, so gritted my teeth, really gave it everything, and managed it with quite a bit to spare.

Since I’m still yet to start reading any book and haven’t played much either, that’d be about it for now. Otherwise, just bought a few things this week, including some more plums, just a few apples and one bunch of green onions from the farmers’ market and a coconut from a hypermarket, since they were on sale and I was curious. Had to learn how to crack the coconut, which didn’t go so well and resulted in a fair bit of dirt on the t-shirt I’d have liked to wear tomorrow as well, and then had to figure out how to eat it too, but at least I did that part right today and it was all right. Don’t think I’d care to go through that trouble again though.


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