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December’s Long Walks and Light Bulbs

It’s already February and I still have some things from December I still didn’t write about, so I’m going to make a separate post about this and leave current matters for later. As such, this post will be about the shopping and the long walks between December 18 and 30, which I kept skipping so far, just happening to mention one related thing in the post about the orders and another in the one in which I finally got around to write about that problem with my right hand.

To quickly go through the regular shopping, December 18 was the day when, as I already mentioned in the post about the hand, I wandered around after putting iodine tincture there and by the time I got back I really felt it burning. But I got a few things then, also successfully using that recycling machine again for a small discount, though the annoying thing was that the tofu I got on sale from Kaufland ended up being 40% more expensive than what I found in Carrefour some time later. Then just got a loaf of bread on December 22, I think going to Auchan directly after running that day. And on December 27 I went to all three hypermarkets again plus one nearby supermarket, getting cat food that my parents had asked me to get and a few things that were deeply discounted due to being close to expiring. Also used that recycling machine yet again that day, and split my purchase of cat food from Auchan in two in order to get one more receipt to enter in their contest, just getting a little the first time, putting that in my pocket and walking back in for the rest. Also that day, as I was standing in line in Kaufland, a guy came from behind, with I believe his girlfriend next to him, and asked me whether I could buy the can he was holding for him, saying he’ll pay me but they won’t sell to him because he’s a minor. Didn’t even really look to see what was in that can; just refused and turned around again.

The first long walk was on December 19, and it was in the rain too. When I had checked the forecast before going to bed that morning, it said 20% risk of rain, and when I woke up I saw a few drops but when I checked again it said it should stop by 5:15 PM, which was definitely after I had to leave, but told me it should at least be fine on the way back. However, it was raining even more by the time I got off the metro, around 4:45 PM, and definitely didn’t stop after that. Got back around 8:45 PM and it rained constantly during that time. Light rain most of the time, occasionally moderate, never heavy, but it definitely wasn’t comfortable.
The problem was that, after being out for some four and a half hours and walking a good part of that time in the rain, I had nothing to show for it. The plan was to go back to that store I bought that LED fixture and light at the end of 2016 from, so even if I now meant to use another route, which seemed less suspicious, and also got off the metro at another station, the distance was more or less the same, so that was a pretty long walk. The reason for it was to get three LED light bulbs, which would have been for my room but required changing the fixture as well, as this one has small sockets and the lights available for them from that store are too weak, and I had to give up on the plan on doing that not just then, but even now.
Either way, I didn’t get there in time. They close at 6 PM and I left just a little too late, got a bit confused on the way as well, didn’t run when I could have done so, and also spent some ten minutes in a mall, needing to go to the toilet but choosing to go up and also have a look at the prices of the movie theater that’s there, which I had previously been to once, instead of just using the one closest to the entrance. Anything could have made the difference, since I got there just a little too late, being outside for nearly two hours and walking in the rain for over one only to arrive just when the people working there were walking out the door, everything being turned off inside. So I just walked past them, took a look behind, took a few more steps, stopped to take another look, which at least one of them definitely noticed, and then just kept going, since there was nothing else to do.
Still, there was a Cora hypermarket nearby too, and I don’t usually end up at one of those, so I decided to have a look, since I was there. But there is a tram depot on the way and at first I just meant to go right through it, but there was a guard at the entrance and she asked me where I was going, so instead of asking whether I could just pass through, I just turned back and went around it, the problem being that in order to avoid the mud I had to either walk carefully on the tram tracks or on the sharp rocks around them and I chose the latter option, which made me worry that I might have damaged my shoes, especially since I had walked quite angrily. Didn’t even dare to check then, but they don’t seem to have been damaged so far.
Did find good pumpkins at a good price in that Cora, but carrying one of those large ones when I had to walk so much wasn’t exactly an option, so I just started on my way back without buying anything, at first planning to take the metro to another Cora and buy one from there instead. However, after having arrived too late at the store I meant to get to and also reaching other points on the way back later than I thought, I didn’t trust myself to manage to get there and back in time to give dad the metro card back before he left that evening, so I eventually gave up on that idea, ending up with absolutely nothing to show for all that time spent outside and all the walking in the rain.
Didn’t even get the band aids I meant to get from Carrefour on the way back, since there is one a short distance away from the route I had to walk on. Wanted to replace some of those I had used for my hand and had seen some at another Carrefour that were cheaper than I had seen them elsewhere, but when I got to that one I saw that they were significantly more expensive, in terms of percentage, and when I had calculated what money I had so exactly, I couldn’t make that purchase fit in the “budget” for those days. And there was one other thing I meant to have a look at, being on sale, but decided against getting that either.
The Christmas fair was also on the way and I did pass through it again, but only had a very brief look at some cutting boards, since the people there immediately tried to start talking to me, at which point I obviously turned around and quickly walked away. Didn’t even get any prices to compare, since I only saw one listed, for one of the sizes available in one place, and that was definitely too expensive. And also didn’t stop at the protest taking place across the street from the Chamber of Deputies entrance that evening, despite passing through it instead of taking the shortest route through the park to the metro station. Could have spent some time there, to be able to say that I did something that evening at least, but didn’t even do that much.
So I got back wet and tired and disappointed, wondering how I’ll manage to dry my clothes and having to still wear some, including those I changed into, to wear around the house, despite being dirty those days. Since I had been putting off washing any more because dad wasn’t putting his back in their place and therefore they were left on the thing we put them to dry on, even though they had been dry for a few days already, I didn’t even have clean boxers anymore, so had to resort to one of those old briefs I still kept around after deciding to switch. Needless to say, I was quite a mess that night, which made me worry about my hand even more, which made it all even worse.

The next day made up for some of it, however. It’d have been better if I’d have known that dad wasn’t going to need the metro card then either, but while he later said he knew that when I had asked him before, I had quite clearly understood that he was going to need it then, so I couldn’t go that day, which I’d have preferred instead of even trying on the previous one. But, due to that obvious miscommunication, it was only after dragging myself to the kitchen, some 45 minutes after waking up for good that day, that I saw the card on the kitchen table and the note he had left. Not that it wasn’t hard to do so even then, but would have definitely dragged myself there sooner if I’d have known that!
Still, rushing as much as I could, not even taking a shit, I could just manage to go out the door five minutes earlier than I had the day before. Adding that to the fact that I didn’t need to go to the toilet on the way again and also didn’t get confused again about the route, I managed to get to that store at 5:40 PM, so I could buy those LEDs just fine… And then got to that Cora just fine too, no longer trying to go through that tram depot and also going the right way around it, so I didn’t have to step on those sharp rocks again.
Once there, I didn’t want to ask a guard to put the LEDs in a bag and seal it, as you should do with things you bring in, so I put one in each inside pocket, though they’re quite horizontal in that jacket and therefore things put in there are likely to fall out, and one more up my sleeve, the jacket being so large that I could more or less hide something like that as well. I’d have looked really suspicious if a guard would have paid attention to me, especially since I was worried that something will fall out or break, moved carefully and kept checking, which also resulted in my bag and cap falling out of the pocket I had them in without me noticing it. But someone else did and he called after me to point it out… At which point my first reaction was to say “sorry”, to which he said “it’s nothing”. Think we both stopped for a moment, a few seconds later, realizing that it wasn’t what should have been said in such a situation.
But I found oranges, apples and cabbage at good prices there, and also carrots that were just a bit more expensive than I had seen them elsewhere, so I got some of those too. Somehow made a mistake when I added it all up though, the total being 0.10 RON more than I could afford if I wanted to still have as much as I thought I’ll need later, and that difference increased when I got 2.20 RON in change when I gave a 10 RON bill for purchases costing 7.67 RON. Saw the cashier accidentally drop at least a coin when she moved to hand me the change, then look at the floor and not try to pick it up, but when I pointed out that I had received less than the correct change, she said she was out of small change and sent me on my way, and I had seen her ask other cashiers around her for change before getting to me. Did wonder whether I’d have been allowed to say I was out of change when paying as well, but made up for it by going the long way around on my way out and looking at the floor until I found a 0.10 RON coin.
Walked all the way back to the metro station after that, carrying the purchases, then got back here only to leave again after just dropping off the stuff and grabbing the few plastic bottles which had gathered, making up for what I still needed if I’ll be able to use the recycling machine again. And not only that I could do that, and also find a few more small coins on the floor, but since the machine was reporting that it was full and I had learned what to do in that case while the person who had tried to use it before me obviously hadn’t bothered, instead leaving quite a large number of bottles there, after looking around to see whether they were still around and not noticing anyone who seemed to be waiting, I decided to put in a part of those bottles that were left as well, until I ended up with a ticket for exactly 1 RON, at which time it also said that it was full again. That meant I not only had enough to get band aids from there, which had been my reason for going, but could also add a large bag of corn puffs, which I did.
The little lucky events didn’t end there though, because the person in front of me at the checkout said he didn’t want the 1 RON change he should have gotten, telling the cashier to keep it herself, and then to give it to some other customer when she said she’s not allowed to do that. So she handed it to me, I handed it back to that guy, he again said he didn’t want it and told the cashier to use it for my purchases, the cashier noticed the discount ticket I had, for the plastic bottles, and pointed out to him that if she didn’t use that for my purchases then I’ll just lose it… At which point she actually looked at the ticket and saw it was for exactly 1 RON, raised her eyebrows, at first put the bill left by that guy aside until he left, then she just handed it to me again and when I gave her a surprised look told me to just leave it like that, so I eventually took it.

Sure felt tired after those days, and my legs hurt a bit, which is odd for me after just walking, but on December 29 I walked that same route yet again, deciding to buy four more LEDs of that kind after having replaced what CFLs I could around the apartment with those first three and seeing that there was one more which could be replaced this way, so I needed four in order to be left with the three which at the time I still planned to soon use in my room. And not only that, but I walked back with two bags and my backpack, which I had also taken that day, full with purchases, after going not only to that Cora but taking that same detour again in order to also go not only to the Carrefour I had checked the previous time, but also to the Kaufland that’s just in front of it, picking up things on sale from each, including that surprisingly cheap tofu I mentioned before, to add to what I already had.
Also that day, since I had by then more or less decided to get one, on the way I went to three stores that are part of a chain that had the ROCCAT Kone AIMO on sale, hoping to find one on display, at least in order to have a look at it through the box. At that time I didn’t know that the box it came in wasn’t like the one the XTD came in, with a flap that wasn’t held in place by a seal and could be opened in order to actually see the mouse inside and put your hand on it through the plastic, to get an idea as to how it’ll fit your hand and what the button placement is. Not that it mattered, since I couldn’t find it in any of those stores, so I just lost some time… And saw three guards that responded in three different ways to me walking in with purchases from other places, one seeming to quietly follow me around until I held up my bag so she’ll be able to see it over the shelves, at which point she moved away again, another leaving me be until I wanted to leave, at which point he placed himself in front of me, but only thanked me and quickly moved aside when I opened my bag to let him look inside before he said anything, and the third calling after me as soon as I walked in and moving to cut me off, telling me to leave my bags in the proper place and also pointing out the one door that actually had a key, telling me to use that when I meant to stuff them in a place that couldn’t be locked.

I wasn’t going to give up after just one attempt, however, so the next day I went out again. Needed to get some bread anyway, and a store that’s part of a chain also owned by the one owning those I had visited the day before, the name pretty much being the only difference, is next to Auchan, but I also planned a route that’d have taken me to more stores, from both chains, after that, using the free buses offered by Auchan to go from the first to the second and from the second to the third too. And after I had no luck at the first store from each chain checked out that day either, at the second from this other one I found a large gaming section and the mouse I was looking for on one of the shelves… At which point I of course also found that, as I already mentioned above, getting my hands on a box wasn’t going to be of any help, so instead of having a look at it in order to decide whether I actually will order it on-line or not, the question became whether I’ll purchase it then and there or not.
They actually had quite a number of gaming mice on display, as in out of their boxes, so people could actually get a good feel of them, and I checked out several of them, but this wasn’t among them, which I guess is not surprising, seeing as it had only been released in Romania on December 22. At the same time, they had a Logitech G900 out, which may not be new but is well over twice the price, so if they could let people try one of those, why not one of these as well? But at least trying them out told me that the G402 and G502, which I had at various points considered to some extent, are not an option, at least the scroll wheel feeling all wrong, like or even worse than that of a cheap regular mouse. It felt worse on the G502, in fact, but I found that one at one of the computers that were there, not among those on display, so it might have been used for quite some time.
Either way, picked one of the AIMOs up, tried to have as good a look at the box as I could, wandered around the store for a while with it in my hand, put it back, picked it up again, wandered around some more, and in between tried to work up the courage to ask one of the employees whether I could purchase it with extended warranty and whether there’s any chance they’ll have it available in the other colors, and in white in particular. Rather chased one employee around at a short distance as he kept being called by both other customers and other employees, without managing to get myself to say anything and get his attention, but eventually saw another one come to the gaming area and seeming to only have one customer to talk to, so I waited for him to finish and then did manage to ask my questions, being told that if only the black model is available now, that’s all they’ll have, as for the high-end models they only order more once the previous stock is exhausted, and he doesn’t think they ever brought white ones when different colors were available and he doubts that will change. And I was also told that extended warranty isn’t available for it, though of course he tried to say warranty isn’t even needed for ROCCAT, though I obviously know that not to be the case in the least.
In the end, though I had taken enough money with me, just in case, I decided not to buy it directly and order on-line instead, for the reasons I already explained in the post about the orders. Of course, as I also said there, that didn’t make me get a warranty certificate from them either, but there is more about the mouse in that post and quite a lot more to write later, as the whole mess isn’t quite sorted out even now and I definitely feel very uncertain about the one I’m currently using. So I’ll just end this by adding that I kept thinking about it on my way back from that store, almost going back quite a few times, even after having walked a good part of the way back, but in the end I stuck to the decision made in the store.


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