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Quick Review: MILA 2.0: Renegade

Read this in Romanian, after somewhat accidentally ending up with it at the end of a World Book Day event. Spotted a few places where something was obviously wrong with the translation, but while I doubt that it was better than that of the first book in the series, I can’t really know. Translating “Renegade” into “Tradarea” (“Betrayal”) as the title really doesn’t seem right though. Also, that use of metric units in some places but not in others remains, and I still don’t know whether it’s like that in the original text as well or the translator keeps converting only in some places. The first option seems far more likely, but it’s still odd either way.
About the book itself, at least it doesn’t seem like the novelization of the tutorial of an action game anymore, but it’s oddly mundane considering the potential of the concept. Also shallow, perhaps when it comes to the all too few problems resulting from being wanted by multiple forces in particular, but definitely not only for that reason. Many scenes seem thrown in just because they’re the fastest way to move on to the next part, consequences are often discarded, the romance still doesn’t feel right at all, whether before or after certain key scenes, the way events will develop and the intentions and motives of others are too obvious yet somehow the main character keeps missing them, plenty of times also being manipulated with hardly any effort, the levels of trust between characters are also hardly natural or reasonable… And that final chapter comes pretty much out of nowhere, reminding me of those scenes at the end of the last episode of a season of a TV series that was supposed to end but just got renewed for another season at the last moment, so somebody had to quickly replace the planned conclusion with a hook. In spite of it all, it’s possible that I’d have, grudgingly, rated this higher than the previous book if I wouldn’t have read it translated, but as it was…

Rating: 2/5


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