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Sunday Update to Partially Catch Up on June

Saw more damage than I expected when I cut my toenails last night. The nails look pretty bad in general, but not sure how much that has to do with the causes for the bruises under the three I knew had such issues, which appeared after certain runs. So I’ll just focus on those three and say they don’t seem far from coming off, though at the same time I’m spotting an area at the bottom that seems better, so I’m hoping the problem is only up to that point and they started to visibly recover, though even that means this recovery is very slow and may not complete before I’ll need to start training more seriously for October’s marathon. And the unpleasant surprise was the one I thought had only a small and faint bruise under it, which had already cleared away, but now I realized the nail itself barely avoided coming off at least as much as the other two, which had been completely black and purple underneath, and the worst part is that I realized that after starting to cut it, so I went in too deep and now worry about it ending up ingrown as well because of that.

Otherwise, after waking up yesterday I grabbed the pile of coins left in the kitchen, those being the only money still available, and went to the farmers’ market, ending up with one kg of cucumbers and one of tomatoes, both obviously very cheap. The cucumbers have large and pretty hard seeds inside, which explains the price, but the tomatoes are actually very good, though I did have to pick the better ones from that pile. The forecast mentioned storms and I saw a few drops starting to fall just as I went out, which turned into actual rain within moments, but I had taken my jacket with me, so put it on and kept going, taking it off again when the rain died down, minutes later. Had to put it back on when I left the market, because it had started raining again, and quite heavily, while I was there. Meant to pick some more fruit on the way back, even more so when I saw how ripe they were and how they were falling and squashing on the pavement as the wind was picking up, but I didn’t.
Since dad had left in the morning and said he was only going to come back today, I wondered whether I should just grab something to eat then and make what I had in mind during the evening or the other way around, deciding on this latter option and only noticing his e-mail stating that he was going to get back that afternoon after all after I had already started, when I quickly came to the computer after a nearby lightning strike, meaning to unplug the network cable but eventually deciding against it, seeing that the storm wasn’t otherwise getting close. But at least the food was almost done by the time he walked in, though at that point I also kept switching between watching Simona Halep’s match, which she unfortunately lost, and the Sweden – England match. So just before the end of the first half I could take the food to my room and eat here.

But this post should be about the stuff from June I didn’t mention so far, so I’ll go in reverse order and start with June 30, when I got an e-mail notifying me that somebody had sent me a message on OkCupid. Hadn’t logged on there for long stretches of time for quite a while, long enough to only learn last night that they actually removed all tests even though I gather it happened quite some time ago, and didn’t see any point at all in the site after the changes to messaging made it mandatory to “like” someone to even be able to send a message that may not even be seen at all, unless the recipient somehow figures out how to find who the sender is, which seems particularly difficult if both don’t have the same location, or aren’t at least close to each other. Nevertheless, somebody actually sent me a message, and I then spent far too long trying to figure out how to get her to show up in order to be able to actually see that message.
At first I tried to look in DoubleTake, like it tells you to, but spotted nothing telling me I had a message among the first few profiles there, as I eventually started passing on all after checking the first one in every way I could think of. Gave up at first, but then got back, went through some more profiles showing up in DoubleTake, then through some showing up on the front page, then through matches, but still nothing. Since I had a blog visit from OkCupid around the time of the message, I checked the reported location of that visitor and searched for matches from there, also needing to find the ZIP code because apparently that’s required for locations in the United States now, but found nothing at all. Expanded the search, to within 100 km of that place, but there was nothing to say I had a message from any of those that showed up. So I looked up exactly how it highlights those who sent you a message, browsed the matches again after eliminating all filters, scrolled through dozens and still saw nothing highlighted. But I guess that may have changed what DoubleTake shows as well, at least after I had discarded the local matches it meant to throw at me, because when I went there again, using the “clear history” link, the first person that showed up was the one who had messaged me. The fact that she plays around with her location, at that time listing some place in Japan, stating that she does that just to find interesting people regardless of where they are, considering how much the algorithms favor locals, obviously didn’t help, but I finally managed it.
In case you’re wondering, she was just asking me to let her know if I ever find that “site that’s largely like how OkCupid was around 2005, plus the more recently added option to see others’ question answers and the since removed one to add your own without them poofing if they’re not accepted into the main batch” that I start my profile asking about. And I had to “like” her to be able to reply. And I’m not sure if the conversation won’t vanish if I “unmatch”, so didn’t do that yet even though she didn’t reply again. At the same time, it may not vanish, because that post says that to get rid of conversations for good you now have to block the sender, and I indeed see no way to delete the one announcing the changes to the messaging system or an old one I hadn’t deleted before, even blocking and unblocking the sender resulting in it reappearing. How could anyone think any of this could possibly ever be a good idea is beyond me.

Going further back, and since I mentioned rain above, on June 14 I was in the kitchen when the wind sent the rain and hail heavily into this side of the building and I heard water dripping. When I looked around, I saw quite a lot of water coming out of the air conditioner, so I shouted for dad to come and when I pointed it out to him he brought something to put there, for the water to fall in. Then I saw signs of older drops around there as I was wiping the area, so that was not the first time that happened, though it was the first time we noticed it and likely the worst such situation so far, since if we’d have had anything close to that amount of water there, we’d have definitely noticed. And dad tried to have a look and said it seems the foam filling the hole through which the connection between the two parts of the AC passes got eaten through, so that’s how the water is actually getting in, but with that side of the window not opening, getting there to do anything about it will be quite a challenge. And I don’t know what that means for the AC, as it wasn’t turned on so far this year, nor has it been cleaned, which we have to do before turning it on anyway. Of course, I’d very much do without it, but dad won’t, and my mother probably even less, if she’ll be around here again during the hotter days.
Didn’t notice it happening again since then though. Admittedly, it hasn’t rained quite that heavily and with that kind of wind blowing the water in this direction, but it has rained and there have been storms. One woke me up on the morning of June 21, when I woke up to go to the toilet just before 8 AM, got back in bed, then was at the computer around 8:50 AM, woken up again by loud thunder and lightning and considering unplugging the network cable, but seeing the storm passing quickly and eventually getting back in bed about half an hour later. Still kept waking up though, even if the storm wasn’t the reason anymore, and after deciding to finally get up I was in the kitchen when the delivery guy called me to say he was about to deliver that cheap food processor we ordered, since I had made the order on my account the previous day. So I didn’t hear the phone, but he came directly and my mother received it and paid, so there was no problem and I didn’t even have to get involved.

Even further back, there are a few things to add about the protests mentioned in the last “protest report” I wrote, strictly from a personal perspective. On June 8 I left at 5:20 PM, got there a bit before the announced start time of 6 PM, and on top of what’s already written in that post and the pictures I took, I’ll also add that I actually took some of those cherries offered by that person, at first putting two handfuls in one of the paper bags that were also provided and then adding some more shortly before leaving, which I did at 8:55 PM, getting back here 30 minutes later and washing and eating the cherries, admittedly after taking a fair number of worms out. As for June 10, left just after 5:35 PM, got there only some five minutes after the announced start time of 6 PM, when I hardly saw anyone there I first went to the toilet somewhere nearby to avoid that becoming an issue later, then, for the reasons stated in that post, pretty much just wandered around, took some more pictures, and left at 9:05 PM, right after the moment with the lights and the anthem, pretty much struggling to stay that long after being bothered by those shouts heard before that moment.

There’s a bit more to say about the next day though, since I got woken up at 10 AM by plants again being cleared from that area behind the building, then tried to do the laundry but when I pulled the clothes out of the washing machine they didn’t seem washed properly, so I put them in again and the second time it seemed fine, the fact that I thought I could smell something burning likely just being a result of me worrying about it too much.
After that, I had a look through Carrefour and Kaufland, ending up just grabbing a couple of things from the former after looking through all the bags of organic oranges on sale for a surprisingly low price and seeing the reason for that price, as I couldn’t find any bag in which all looked at least well enough. Considered getting some regular ones from Kaufland, as those were on sale there, obviously for even less, but decided against going back there for them. And at least I got 0.10 RON more in change, the cashier giving me 1.50 RON back when I paid 5 RON for purchases that were 3.60 RON and clearly doing it intentionally. Could have ended up stuck in the area around the stadium on the way back though, as I got in before the guards closed the gate on that side to get ready for the evening’s event, but it was already closed on the other by the time I got there. One in a uniform came with a couple of guys to ask the one at that gate to open it for them just as I was getting there though, so I could get out then as well. And then, after dropping off those few things, I went to the farmers’ market as well, grabbing a few things from there too.
Then, as I mentioned in that other post, I went back out, just to that event on the National Arena, and once again I have some personal things to add. Knowing that there were going to be checks at the entrance, I had left the coins I had in my pockets here before leaving, but took two pairs of used batteries for the camera, and when the guard saw the pair that wasn’t inside the camera, he asked me to leave it there. He said there’s nothing he can do about it if it’s anything that can be thrown and that I’ll find them there when I’ll get back out, even if things were just thrown on the floor, but that wasn’t going to help me when I needed them while I was there. Still, nothing to do about it, so I left them there, as well as the eraser I also had, which I put on a nearby table when the other guard checked me. And the batteries in the camera lasted long enough, and I also filmed with my phone, and I actually did find the pair I had left, at first spotting only one and the guard seeming at a loss when he tried to have a look for the other as well, but I eventually spotted it behind something else, and also lifted the hats the guards had placed on that table and recovered my eraser from there as well.
A few more things about that event that I also didn’t include in that post, even though they’re not personal, would start with the fact that there was a little girl who was crying among the children brought there, showing her forearm, which was dirty and likely quite badly scraped. Could also clearly read her lips as she said that it really hurt when the cameras were on her and it showed up on the screens, and it seemed as if she had been brought straight from practice, likely after having just fallen, nobody bothering to even clean her up, the dirt on her arm likely being clay. And another strange moment was when the sprinklers started just as the children had taken their place, one aiming right at them and at the big screen, which actually showed some signs of damage as a result of that, even though one guy rushed to that sprinkler and tried to cover it with his hands and even his whole body, getting completely soaked before somebody managed to turn the water off. And then there were the comments heard as I was leaving, when a few different people, just out of those I happened to pass by on my way from the stadium exit to the park exit, said it’s a good thing the tennis crowd is different, because if the mayor would have showed up on stage in that manner at an event having to do with football, it’d have been a full riot, with injuries and deaths, instead of just boos.

Initially meant to catch up completely, but this is long enough and took long enough already, and I’m not feeling so well either. Seems like some pasta dad made didn’t agree with me, as I felt something wrong after eating some last evening too, and again after finishing it today. Probably a result of him not caring about doing things properly, and hardly at all about food hygiene, but it’s just gas, pain likely caused by that gas, and feeling just a little bit weak, and it’s not getting worse, so I think I’ll be fine after all. Just one more reason to want to handle these things myself though, instead of him cooking things just before we run out of what we had before, among other things. One more reason to want to live alone, in fact, if not for the fear of something going wrong and requiring interaction with someone to fix or sort out, and also the fact that we both use the metro card when needed… There is, of course, also the fact that it’d be entirely impossible due to finances, but that’s another matter.


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