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Bathroom Light Fixture and Back to Age of Wonders and Reading

Actually even a day before writing the review for Disciples, I got back to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. Last save was on December 27, but I knew what I was supposed to be doing, so after at first reloading a few times due to losing heroes, before getting a good feel of their actual strength again, two days later I finished that scenario and therefore also the Nomad campaign, then moved on to the next one, which I sure started very badly and due to missing what I was actually supposed to be doing went at it the very, very hard way, and if there was a second hero available at first there definitely was none by the time I could push the enemy back enough, which will hurt me for the rest of this campaign. And now that I could finally get back to what I should have been doing over 150 turns ago, I forgot what I had been told, and made some bad decisions as well, then just decided to go with it to see what happens before I lose my armies, ending up not saving and going back to the save made last night when I’ll get back to it.
But that’s not the only reason why I just want to quickly write this and get it over with, the other one being that yesterday I also started reading To Journey in the Year of the Tiger, which I got a while back after picking up a bundle that was free at the time. Yes, that means I decided against getting right to The Way of Kings after all and starting with something which I have to read on the computer, but either way there are two things I want to get back to as soon as I finish writing this. Wouldn’t have bothered with it at all now, but since yesterday dad finally did something he said he’d do two and a half months ago and I kept that day out of the posts written at the time in order to write about the whole thing when it’ll actually be done, I guess I should get it out of the way now and get back to playing and reading later.

I’m referring to the fact that on June 12 I bought a new light fixture for the bathroom, meaning to switch to LEDs there as well and therefore complete this switch as much as I’m able to, leaving just the other bedroom and the living room, which aren’t my business, to use CFLs because the fixtures have small sockets and LED light bulbs with those sockets are too weak. The bathroom light kept having issues for a long time anyway, the neons starting to take a very long time, even one minute, to turn on, and not because of the tubes themselves, so I eventually used the opportunity to replace it, but that problem tended to appear and disappear on its own and after I asked dad whether he’ll replace the fixture if I’ll buy the new one and he said yes it just started working well again and he kept putting it off. He took the cover off that fixture, which let all the moisture get in there and likely led to what happened these days, but otherwise as long as it worked he didn’t seem to care about replacing it anymore, and even a few days ago, when one of the neon tubes apparently stopped working as he was doing some other work in the bathroom, he just replaced that one with another one we had around. But then it just stopped working completely, Saturday, and I think there was a bit of a flash just when it tried to turn on then, both neon tubes seeming to no longer work when I tested them after that, which seems to imply a short. Still had to take a shit and even a shower using a flashlight that evening and Sunday, but this finally prompted him to replace it with the one I bought.
Admittedly, the fixture I bought does seem intended to be hung from the ceiling, but in the store they had it on display on the wall, so that should work as well. When I went to the store and asked the guy how to set it up he said he didn’t know though, but assumed it was simple and I shouldn’t have problems. Yet I did, or dad did, not figuring out how it could work with what we have on the wall and dismissing my suggestions at first, and when I sent the store a message to ask for some instructions, as the product itself comes with none, they just ignored my message. So it was just left here in my room until yesterday, when dad did end up using my simple suggestion of just hanging a wire from the two screws we have there and hanging the fixture with that wire, just tying the ends together above it so the fact that there’s no way to work behind it won’t matter either. The problem is that he wanted to put it lower than it’d normally be if the wire would be straight, to still cover the hole the cables come through, and that and the fact that he used another wire than the one I had in mind means it’s not actually on the wall, but hanging at an angle. Using the metal bar he intended to use at first could fix that, if it’d be used to hold the wire in place, but probably not if he insists on leaving it lower. Another suggestion I had at first was to just tear up the old fixture and hang this one from its back, which should have sorted out all these issues, but it would have indeed looked ugly.
But we can fix it better at some other time, maybe after I’ll have a look and try to do it myself, since what I didn’t want to try was to make the contacts, especially since the cables coming through the wall are too short for this fixture and they had to be connected to other little pieces and then those had to be connected to it. Not quite happy with the amount of light generated though, but I knew it’ll be a fair bit less and I can manage, and it definitely is better than something that no longer worked at all, or took so long to start when it decided to cause trouble. Just hope whatever caused that one to fail, especially this last time, was just a problem with the fixture and not something with the wires, such as a risk of an occasional short somewhere in the wall, which would cause this one to fail as well and I definitely want to avoid that.

Since I had left everything else about June 12 out of previous posts as well, I’ll also add here that I went to buy this fixture after running that day, and that’s quite a walk even if using the metro, since there’s no stop anywhere in that part of the city, so I left at 2:30 PM and got back around 6:45 PM, and it was pretty hot too. Spent the later part of that walk looking down, since I’d have still needed 0.05 RON to be left with 1 RON after making the purchase, and it was just as I was on the street this shop is on, just a bit before reaching it, that I found a 0.10 RON coin. Then I got to the store and made the purchase, also opening the box and looking at the parts of the fixture as I was asking how to fix it on the wall and not being given any help. Spotted something that looked like rust in one place, and as soon as I mentioned that the guy brought another box and opened that as well to let me have a look, but when I saw the same thing in the same spot there as well I realized it was probably some glue and said I’ll get the first one after all, so I won’t get the parts of the second one out as well in order to check it. The guy said it didn’t matter, but I just took that first one anyway, and the LED tubes for it.
Then I had a look through the farmers’ market that’s on the way back to the nearest, or more exactly least distant, metro station, eventually getting a few tomatoes, aiming for half a kilogram, which was what I could afford with what little I still had, but being unable to get close enough and settling for what showed up as 475 grams. May have given the girl 0.90 RON instead of 1 RON though, not quite sure, since I dug the coins out of my pocket and was getting embarrassed and just wanted to get away. Not that there wasn’t a quite clearly awkward moment anyway, when as I was looking around a little girl came to me and grabbed my pants, really holding on as I tried to move away. Looked for her parents, seeing someone selling there who seemed to be there with her and who came to tell her to leave me alone after a moment. But she was pulling really hard on my pants while she was holding on, making me wonder whether she was trying to steal from me or to distract me while a pickpocket meant to come from behind, but that thought almost made me laugh, thinking that if they’d be looking for money in my pockets I’d search along with them.
Before leaving the market, stopped somewhere and checked the LED tubes as well, and put them in the fixture to make them all easier to carry in the bag. Also noticed that one was very dirty when I did that, and wondered whether it had been that way when I got it or I had dirt on my hands after putting them on something in the market, but seeing as it seemed very hard to even wash off when I tried to do so when I brought them here, I guess it was that way all along and I didn’t notice when I bought it. Was a bit worried about that, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though I couldn’t clean it and it was therefore put in that way now.

Other than that, Saturday I found a note on the kitchen table asking whether I could go to Auchan to get cat food, so I did, getting bread and yogurt for myself as well while I was there and ending up a few coins short and wondering whether I’ll find them in or around the machine, since I could use that to pay then. Spotted one coin under a shelf, then took my chances with the rest and did indeed find even more in the first machine I tried to pay at, if admittedly the second I looked at because the first one was broken. But before all of that, took a detour on the way there to check another recycling machine that was supposed to be near this other farmers’ market, the one I go to when I want apples. But while I did find it, I also found that it wasn’t working either, and the one at Auchan was still broken as well, after all this time. The company they belong to still hadn’t replied to my e-mail asking about the one at Auchan by then, but when I sent them a message on Facebook mentioning this other one as well they did reply… Only to ask at what time I tried to use it, saying they wanted to check something. Still nothing else after I answered the question, nor about the one from Auchan, so no idea what’s going on.


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