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Two Runs and Another Chipped Tooth or Filling

Should have written this earlier today, but should still manage it even if I’m starting quite late, after playing Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic a fair bit more, while it’s really choppy but at least still starts. Finished the first scenario of the Syron campaign Thursday, actually doing it the way I was meant to, just barely holding off the enemy from that area with the cities after running away with my heroes and remaining rescued units, then having the enemy turn away from there after a couple of lost battles and letting me focus on advancing with that army. Did lose it once, after going west when I was told to go east and getting completely swarmed, and with the autosave putting me in the same situation, that meant loading from the earlier save I had, which was from several turns, maybe up to ten, earlier, and from just before one hero leveling up and being given first strike as a choice, which I haven’t gotten again since. But once I did go the right way, it seemed too easy and fast, the swarm of enemies approaching that city I had to capture and hold, but stopping just before it and turning away as I got the second round of reinforcements, including that hero with no description, and the next turn I had apparently won. The next scenario sure is proving tricky though, with all those storms and other events, and not seeing the map, and hard to reach areas, and I’m saving and loading a whole lot, usually because, while I’d otherwise win the battles, I keep losing heroes, probably also because I risk them too much in the attempt to have them gain as much experience as possible, and that’s not acceptable. Wouldn’t otherwise want to resort to this much saving and loading, but I want to finish this by the end of the year…

Since I mentioned Thursday, that night I ended up with another chipped tooth, this one from the upper right side. Actually not sure whether I still had a thin wall of tooth in that area or that whole side, towards the back, was the filling, so not sure what that corner that came off actually was, but it was just a corner, so probably not hard to fix if it was the actual tooth, while if it was the filling it’ll likely need replacing either way. It’s been some time since work was last done on that one, so it’s not a matter of it not lasting at least, but my old dentist did have problems making the filling stick at first, before finally finding a way, so I’m worried those issues may happen again now, plus that it’s possible that quite a lot of that tooth was taken away and any more work there, even just to clean up a bit before putting in the new filling, may go too deep. But I guess I’ll see how it’ll turn out.

Otherwise, ran twice this week, but the times were again poor, at least compared to the standards I now have, aiming to stay under 48 minutes. Wednesday’s time was 48:20, with sector times of 4:21, 5:08, 5:54, 4:34, 5:05, 5:59, 4:26, 5:04, 5:59 and 1:50, making for lap times of 15:23, 15:38 and 15:29, while yesterday’s was 48:04, with sector times of 4:20, 5:08, 5:49, 4:28, 5:00, 5:54, 4:31, 5:10, 5:55 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:17, 15:22 and 15:36. So last week’s 47:58 remains the only time under 48 minutes after running the marathon, while out of the six times I covered this distance between getting the new shoes and the marathon, only one was over that time, and that was after skipping a week after the long practice run. My left knee feels much better though, only giving a few little “warnings” while running, prompting me to become more aware of exactly how I’m moving that leg while running and make some slight adjustments on the spot, until it was fine again. What’s more, it didn’t bother me at all after Wednesday’s run either, and while today it does bother me a bit, it’s nothing like before.
Wasn’t sure whether I wanted to run Wednesday, knowing that the weather was going to be better Friday, but eventually decided to do it, even if I had already eaten grapes instead of the usual apple and it meant rushing after dad left, eating and drinking the usual stuff quite in a hurry, right before leaving, and just going out the door at 4:05 PM, worried about the light. But I didn’t rush on the way, in fact walking quite slowly, and angrily, past the areas where they’re trashing even more of the green spaces left, and noticing that much of the tended garden I had mentioned in the previous post was also paved over by then. That meant it was 4:17 PM or 4:18 PM by the time I started running, yet could still manage to see the time on my stopwatch even at the end, though it was dark by the time I got back here. Tried to start slower, so I won’t tire myself, but the second lap’s first sector was already bad even so, and trying to make up for it over the next two sectors didn’t go that well, but then I pushed hard from the start of lap three and on the second sector I actually thought I could have pushed even harder, yet that lap’s sector three time likely says that was a wrong impression. I did try to run in a way that made it hard though, alternating, trying to spare both my left knee and my liver, and this was probably also why at some point it felt like something snapped in my right calf, but it was manageable and by Friday it seemed fine again.
Friday’s run wasn’t exactly planned either, and in fact I was leaning towards not running again, but saw a pastry bought by dad and, after leaving the previous one he had bought there for days, decided to eat that one right away, but to also have a reason for the treat. That meant I had that pastry instead of one of the usual things I eat before a run, but at least I had the usual apple and didn’t rush anymore, comfortably leaving and starting exactly 30 minutes earlier than on Wednesday. Pushed hard, feeling on lap two that I was at a level of effort suited for the last lap and wondering what will be left, the time on that third lap offering the answer, since I again pushed hard all the way and that was all I had. Still thought I had a chance when I started lap three’s third sector, but at the end of it I knew I won’t be able to cover the final sector in the required 1:44, so might have had one or two more seconds in me there at the end, but definitely not the five I needed. Good weather, next to no wind, but there were some people and they cost me a bit of time in a few places, so it’s possible that I could have managed to just get under 48 minutes again if the route would have been clear, but this level of effort should have produced a better result at this point either way.

The fact that I’m carrying some additional weight may have something to do with these results though, since I rather stuffed myself with the things my mother kept making during this last period when she was here and I got to 53 kg, which is a weight I definitely didn’t have since I was living with Andra, if not even before that. There was a time, after I got curious enough to actually weigh myself more than a couple of times per year, when I was thinking I should see about getting myself to 58 kg or so and couldn’t even manage to go above 50 again, but now I’m thinking that, while it was concerning that I kept going down as I increased the distance of my regular run, ending up at 47 for quite a while and even seeing 46 after a couple of longer runs, possibly even 45 once, if I remember correctly, 50 should be good enough. And my body has definitely been asking me to stop putting such an unusual amount of food, and sweet and greasy things in particular, into it, since I’ve been feeling rather bloated, had heartburn and was even slightly nauseous a few times.

I guess this should be about it for now, though I’d also mention that I shaved my head yesterday evening, since it won’t be getting warmer now and I had to at least do it one more time before spring. It has been very warm so far though, the fact that I didn’t even consider taking my training shirt for these recent runs even though it’s already November proving that, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing it next week either, but after that it’ll probably start being needed, and I’ll need to start thinking about creating more of a buffer too, if the conditions will force me to skip weeks during the winter. Then again, probably already have enough of a buffer, but I haven’t been keeping track for quite a while and don’t mean to take previous runs into account, wanting to average one per week starting now, probably considering yesterday’s run as the first additional one. Wonder if this will help me find some motivation again or actually have the opposite effect, especially after the conditions will cause my times to worsen considerably when I’m unhappy with them as they are. But even if I would be content with the times, it is hard to find motivation to just keep going like this after running a marathon, which was something I worked my way up to for three and a half years.


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