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Finished Eschalon, Decided Against Trying Might and Magic II

It’s getting quite windy outside and it’s supposed to stay that way until tomorrow afternoon, so thinking I’d better write something now, just in case something will happen with a cable because of it. It’ll have to be a quick post, since I really don’t have much to put in it, and this is also why I’m moving this next bit which I had initially added to the previous post to it. It’s better this way anyway, since it obviously happened after I posted that previous post, even if that same evening.

Wednesday evening, I got to level 16, improved my equipment, got the spells and killed that dirachnid again, but found that to be about it; place the Crux and that’s the end, can’t go back and get more experience then. So, since at that point I could learn Dehex as well, decided to just grind the goblins appearing if I touch that statue for a long time, to get the just about 7500 experience points needed for level 17, to still use those eggs for 18. Would have been much nicer to be able to place the Crux, getting the 5000 for that, and then still go back to use the eggs, but that way it just took a while longer. At 165 for the three that show up when I touch it once, that meant 46 times, but after a more cautious start I realized, when I got back to it yesterday, that I could touch that statue several times and still have no problem, so it didn’t take nearly as long as I initially thought.
What was interesting was that some of those goblins were dropping some expensive stuff, so I actually enchanted and equipped one piece of gear that was dropped and made a few trips to sell the rest, since my inventory was filling otherwise. But I had anchored a portal right next to the one leading to the Citadel and all the stuff purchased there at the end gave the shopkeepers plenty of money, so it didn’t take long to sell and get back, and otherwise it was just a matter of touching the statue several times, killing everything, grabbing what was dropped, going out, resting, and going back to repeat. So it wasn’t long after I woke up yesterday that I was at level 17, then used the eggs to get to 18, and then finished the game for good, on purpose, not accidentally, while trying to see what was left, as I had done the previous evening.
I started Eschalon on March 6, 2017, but after that, according to the dates of the saves, I apparently played until April 16, then made an attempt to get back to it on May 10 but only made a few steps, then on May 19 I advanced in the main quest but immediately stopped again, and then I only got back to it on January 30 this year. So I won’t be writing a review for it, since it’d be too hard to write a proper one after that break of more than a year and a half, and getting back to it close to the end, my current impressions therefore only being about the end. Plus, it already has three on MobyGames and, while I did find it nice enough, quite enjoyable much of the time, it’s not a game I particularly want to write more about. Do find the issue with the trainers and skill books very annoying though, needing to check a guide to know which skills have trainers and/or books and hold off using skill points or reading the book until you use the trainer to get a skill that has one to five, saving seven skill points in the process, or hold off using skill points to get a skill that has no trainer but has a book until you find and read the book, even if this admittedly just saves one skill point.

Otherwise, yesterday I managed to do the 100 squats in 2:47. But to stick to the topic of gaming, I also had another look into Might and Magic II, checking various sources, and confirmed that you can indeed still only save at inns, even if there seem to be more of them in cities, so I came to a final decision to not give it a chance at all. This was what made me abandon the first one without advancing much and there was no point to try the second if that issue remained, even if it seems much better otherwise. So I guess my trip back through that age of gaming will leave the ’80s behind and skip to the third game, which I may even try this year. Didn’t mean to at first, intending to either try the second or, as I eventually did, decide against even doing that much, and not think about the third at all this year, but now I do find myself thinking of it… Worry I’ll be too frustrated and disappointed though, because otherwise I’d have probably installed it already.

The thing is that I find myself wanting to play something else now, and probably not getting back to Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker or Lords of Xulima, so I’m wondering what else to install. Do have King of Dragon Pass, Quest for Infamy and Serpent in the Staglands installed as well, but Quest for Infamy is definitely out of the question, since I’m still waiting for version 2.0, if it’ll ever get released, don’t feel like starting Serpent in the Staglands, and restarting King of Dragon Pass yet again, only to almost certainly fail badly yet again, seems completely out of the question. So I ended up playing a couple more games in Epic Pinball last evening, this being the other game that’s installed, just to pass a bit more time in some sort of game. But, yes, I’m mainly wondering what else to install and start. Would perhaps be a good idea to use this mood to try to push through Kingmaker, to at least finish that main campaign from that bundle, but the risk of quickly giving up again and then not wanting to play games for months again seems too high.


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