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Last Days to Fight the European Union’s Plan to Destroy the Internet

Kept thinking that there should be a blackout as part of this final action week, but didn’t stumble upon such an announcement until Wednesday evening, at which point I just quickly threw something together and uploaded it directly, as announcing it just before doing it would have served no purpose. So I’m posting this quick call to action now, after the end of the blackout and before Saturday’s protests, for which there seem to be two lists.
There’s probably no need to explain again how serious the situation is and why, or at least I hope there’s no need, but just in case anyone wants another thorough explainer, there’s one put together by the EFF. That focuses on Article 13, which is the one that most actions mainly focus on, and Article 11, those two being set to pretty much destroy the Internet as we know it, worsen current troubling trends and end even the hope of the situation improving in the future. However, I’m also seeing some information for authors about the harmful effects of Article 12, so if you are one, you may want to take a look there as well. Note that the articles have now been renumbered, so the numbers listed here refer to the article numbers as they were before these recent changes, but in the final text Article 11 became Article 15, Article 12 became Article 16 and Article 13 became Article 17.
With the vote set to take place on March 26, these are the last days when we may still push back, so if there’s any way to do so, take part in one of Saturday’s protests, so our opposition will also be visible in the streets. Otherwise, have a look at the petition if you haven’t already, but far more important right now is to reach out to your MEPs and demand that they vote against the proposals, even ask them to pledge to oppose them, and then, of course, make sure to vote in the elections for the European Parliament, in May, letting candidates know that you will not vote for any who do not pledge to oppose this and any similar measures which are or may be proposed. These are the final days and we need everyone to fight back!


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