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Quick Review: Din Negura Timpului (From the Mist of Time)

Still reads quickly, I finished it in three days without really trying, but mainly what saves this book somewhat, and what made me give these three stars, albeit under protest, is the action and some twists that have clearly been planned ahead and well. There are some moments that’d probably deserve more praise, if I could separate them from the rest.
The problem is that said “rest” is a bigger part and means that I still didn’t care in the least about the characters and, if angering me isn’t really the case anymore when I got to the third book, I’d rather say that it downright sickened me. Obviously, this starts from the focus on having children and their importance and that of the act of having them in the story, with “extra nausea” added by how much Roxana wants a “flock” and how she sees a child, so I return to the choice words for the one who recommended the series to me though she should have warned me away from it, knowing how I see this.
Then, if some would say that the above is strictly subjective, the magic system would still deserve many details but they’re not offered, the love stories between the characters still come out of nowhere and leave me cold, everyone’s fate is I’d say actually embarrassingly good, there are slips even in that action and those twists that I said are the good part, how what happens at the end actually happened isn’t explained at all… And it’s not just that somebody should fire the proofreader, but I’d be embarrassed even to post a random comment written like this, even if I’d be terribly sleepy for example, not to mention publish a book, and a second edition, with so many mistakes. Not that there wouldn’t have been plenty before as well, but in the last chapter and the epilogue I tended to count a few on each page.

Rating: 3/5


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