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Protest, Runs and Games, Including Another Gift

Since the previous post was about the August 10 protest, I should start this one with the personal notes about that day, when I had to walk there and back and somehow “managed” to go the wrong way on the way there. Meant to leave at 4 PM and take it easy, getting there around 5:30 PM, but leaving at 4:15 PM meant I couldn’t take it that easy anymore, even though it was really hot and the Sun was burning. In spite of that, still decided to make a detour to that recycling place at Obor, meaning to ask if I can bring crushed plastic bottles and cans if I’ll find someone there. However, with the door closed and nobody outside, I didn’t try to open the door and see whether someone was inside, instead just walking past… And ending up on the wrong street without realizing it. Noticed that I was getting to a major road right away, which shouldn’t have happened, and later that I could see that mall from that road in one spot, which again shouldn’t have happened, but I didn’t think much of it and ended up walking on that wrong road for 15 minutes, until 5:10 PM, when I found myself at a park entrance.
Knew the name of the park, but had no idea where it was, it was completely off my mental map, since I’ve never been anywhere in that general area. Found the name of the road I was on and figured out what I had done, but that still didn’t tell me much, as I didn’t know its angle compared to the one I should have been on. Could walk back, of course, but I knew that not much was going to happen at the protest until later, so I decided to explore instead, at first trying to go at it geometrically… Which is hard to get right if you don’t know which way you went in the first place, so who knows where I’d have ended up if I’d have kept that up. However, at an intersection I saw a sign pointing to the Dinamo stadium and went that way, and another park I got to gave me some idea of the general area I was in. More importantly, I was quite sure that the road I was on at that point would lead me to a place I knew, and from where I could get back on the right path. But I turned off it at one point, to continue to explore, wanting to go geometrically again and the fact that I then sort of knew where I was allowing me to do so far more accurately, eventually finding a street name that was familiar and ending up back on the road I should have been on in the first place. It would seem that I took a detour of more than three kilometers, and that’s after deducting the distance between the point where I got off that road and the one where I got back on it.
Eventually got to Victory Square at 6:10 PM, started taking pictures, wandered around a bit, then went to pee. At first I meant to go to that restaurant from that area, but found that it’s apparently getting renovated, so I eventually used the more proper public toilet from there, the line not being long, since plenty were using the portable ones which had been brought. Then I got back, took some more pictures, spotted Petruta and I guess others from Demos in a corner and, after just walking past the first two times, since they weren’t obviously gathering signatures and I couldn’t get myself to ask, they eventually made their purpose a bit more visible and I also signed for Claudiu. I also happened to be in the right spot to catch those who had been in the march arrive, at 7:35 PM, then more wandering around, more pictures, listening to that pianist for a few minutes in two places… As the “traditional” moment with the lights was coming up, at 9 PM, I was rather running out of things to do, but I was obviously going to wait for that, and then saw that group bringing that large banner which ended up being the main one I took away from that evening. After that moment, I was getting ready to leave, but still wandered around until 9:30 PM.
Meant to grab something from Carrefour on the way back, and with no way to get to the one at Obor before closing time, I went the other way, to get to the one at Unirii, which is open until 1 AM. After that, got back here at 11:15 PM… And ate a lot of watermelon. Only started showering around 1 AM, getting out of the bathroom at 1:40 AM and having plenty of dishes to wash too, so I was wondering whether I should just grab something quick to eat and leave it at that for that night. But I wanted to know whether I could afford to do that, so I weighed myself, and when I saw 47.6 kg it was quite clear that I couldn’t, and in fact rather needed to stuff myself. So I did that, made the salad, there was fish as well, and I only finished at 4:05 AM.

Moving on to the games mentioned in the title, on August 11 I decided to install and start Syberia. Adventure games really aren’t my thing, pretty much not at all for many years, but I’ve been considering trying this one ever since it was given away for free and I guess now I got around to it. Was actually thinking that I may have a chance to even finish it in about a week at the time, but that’s obviously not the case, and I’m stubborn enough not to check a guide. Seeing as I haven’t played for the past couple of days and doubt I’ll play today either, and I’m once again quite stuck anyway, it may take a while. Then again, when I will finish it, it’ll be the fifth game finished this year, so I’ll get to the usual target with quite a few months to spare, even if those five only include one, the first Eschalon, out of those I specifically meant to finish this year, Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker remaining where it was two and a half years ago and King of Dragon Pass still not being restarted after that second failed attempt, four years ago.
But before possibly getting to five, I had to get to four, and I did that on August 12, when I grabbed The Müll Littoral, which is being given away for free during this period on itch.io. It’s very short, taking me less than two hours to finish, get both endings and take screenshots as well, so it does feel like I’m sort of cheating to count it, but it does count as a game. And I also submitted it on MobyGames, and it was as I was closing what I had opened to use as sources for that submission that I noticed another double middle click, and another one later that day, though it’s been fine once again since then. Back to the game, found myself writing a review for it too. Meant to just write a quick one, but ended up with some 430 words despite having discarded a couple of ideas, so I just put those back and had just over 500 words, which may just be tolerable, barely, for such a short game. If I’d have started from the idea of actually writing a review, I’d have added some more things there, but I didn’t care to do that at that point, so I left it at that.
Still, with The Müll Littoral being a new game I grabbed the day I finished it and Syberia one that wasn’t actually on it, my backlog not only didn’t get reduced and won’t get reduced even after I’ll finish Syberia, but actually increased two nights ago, when a guy from Romania that I’ve been exchanging some messages with on GOG.com sent me Zeus + Poseidon (Acropolis). It was sent before midnight, but I saw it after, as I was eating, which apparently also involved burning my throat with mamaliga at one point, so I’ll consider it as received on August 20. I felt awfully awkward about it, of course, but he said it’s for being helpful, and in particular for telling him about a store with lower prices for some components that he was interested in, and to not even think about refusing it or sending him something in exchange or he’ll block me. If he’d have bought something with regional prices higher than the base price, I’d have considered blocking him, but he did pick it well, this being the oldest game left on my wishlist from there but one of only a few not added just in case, perhaps to follow and make up my mind at some later time, or only to consider after I’ll have a better computer, and the only one of them without higher prices in any region. So I guess I won’t be sending him anything in return, but this did settle another matter, and I guess I will do something I’ve been considering doing, and have started preparing for it already.

Unrelated to that other matter I just mentioned, but related to games and another conversation, it was a talk with someone on MobyGames that finally got me to do something I’ve been considering for the past couple of years, so in the early hours of August 18, before going to bed, I updated the code for my games played list to display when I started and finished or abandoned, as the case may be, a game. It may not be the final code, as there are situations it won’t deal with properly, but for now it works, the harder part being to actually add those dates that I do have. I’ve been tracking both start and finish dates since 2017 and finish dates since 2015, but even simply adding those isn’t the easiest thing, since when I made that array used for the data I assumed I’ll just add batches of games a couple of times per year and the entries won’t change after I’ll first add them, so editing it can cause some headaches and it took me a while to figure out how I had managed to “break” it the first time. Still, I also have other dates dug up, with varying degrees of accuracy, going back to 2010, and I added some of those after waking up that day… Even if it apparently scared people away, as on August 18 I again had no visits recorded in either view. Either way, I should finish adding those soon enough, and should also be able to dig up a few more, but for anything before 2007, if not even 2008, with very few exceptions, even being certain of the year may prove next to impossible.

Moving on to the runs, last week’s was Friday, the time being 47:23.60, with sector times of 4:15.70, 5:00 (4:59.30), 5:48.65, 4:23 (4:22.58), 5:00.46, 5:50.24, 4:31 (4:30.77), 5:04 (5:03.32), 5:48.11 and 1:44.47, making for lap times of 15:03.65, 15:13.28 and 15:23 (15:22.20). After having to try twice before being able to shit, drinking more tea and having some biscuits that I think could actually help before a run instead of the wheat things, I left just before 3 PM, this time actually meaning to stay under 48 minutes. However, if when I looked at the weather report I saw little wind, it was really windy on the way to the park, and I thought it was going to really mess me up. And the wind was indeed a problem in quite a few spots for the first half of the run, or at least for the first lap and the second lap’s first sector, before finally dying down. There were also a fair number of people to go around, including a spot that I believe was on sector three of lap two, though it’s also possible that it was on sector two, where I almost had to stop when they formed a momentary roadblock. Nevertheless, after lap two I thought it might just be possible to even get under 47:30, and even though it seemed unlikely after sector one of lap three, I just pushed, perhaps more than I normally would on a normal run like this, going as if for a record, and kept at it even though it really didn’t look possible after sector two either, ending up surprised after sector three and continuing to push on that final sector, managing it by some margin.
Found a 0.05 RON coin in the park, on the way to the starting spot, and put it in my pocket even though I thought I didn’t have much of a chance of not having it fall out while running, yet it was somehow still there when I finished. But picking it up meant I wanted to wash my hands, since I touch my nose and mouth while running, and that meant waiting for a wasp to have a drink from that fountain, since I had apparently disturbed it when I turned it on and after I turned it off again and stepped back it settled there to drink as it was still dripping a little, going on its way after it was done. On the other hand, when I went to just have a quick look in the nearby Mega Image on my way back, I could have had a drink myself but didn’t. There was someone there offering juice, promoting some brand, and I just did what I always do and automatically avoided that spot at first, not even noticing what it was about… Only to end up sort of hovering behind her after I heard her tell another guy what she had, since it would have been quite suitable after a run. But I couldn’t get myself to say anything and the fact that I was behind her meant she didn’t see me stopping there either, and when I passed in front of her again on my way out I obviously didn’t stop, and she didn’t offer, and in fact I believe she was on the phone at the time.

As for this week’s run, that was Monday. Also shaved my head that evening, before showering after the run, but to get back to the run itself, the time was 47:38.14, with sector times of 4:12.72, 4:56.05, 5:48 (5:47.99), 4:25 (4:24.79), 4:57.33, 5:49 (5:48.25), I think 4:29 (4:28.93), I think 5:08.00, 6:03.08 and 1:51.00, making for lap times of 14:56.76, 15:11 (15.10.37) and 15:40.01. I was quite drained from sector two of lap three and that showed mentally as well, and while I ended up being quite sure of those times for sectors one and two of lap three after getting back, I wasn’t while running. For it to work out like this, I’d have had to have 35:36.06 after sector one of lap three, but then definitely had 40:44.06 after sector two and yet somehow calculated the sector two time as 5:06.00, and did so while thinking that I had seen 35:39.06 after sector one, which was wrong either way. So my mind was quite messed up at that point, but when I could catch my breath and work things out a little, that 35:36.06 seemed the right time at that point, with the sector times resulting from it.
Had slept poorly and little the previous days, and in fact have continued to do so since then, and the night before I had felt cold and weak, so I meant to sleep until 3 PM if I’ll be able to and only go out at 5 PM, hoping that the temperature will start to drop by then, the forecast listing a high of 31°C. And I did actually manage to get up at 3 PM, sleeping most of the time until then, though at 12:45 PM the noise from some machine woke me up quite roughly, fortunately stopping after a few minutes and allowing me to get some more sleep. On the other hand, even if I left several minutes later than planned and it was after 5:20 PM when I started running, it was really hot and sunny, with up to 33°C reported when I left and the heat really hitting me when I wasn’t in the shade. Also just had some other kind of cheap biscuits before the run, a kind that something in me doesn’t agree with too much, but I still hoped to stay under 48 minutes, and managed it by some margin.
There were also a fair number of people to weave my way through, and a few tougher moments with them, including a bit of confusion with a group on bicycles and scooters, including a kid, on sector one of lap two, but at least I didn’t actually have to stop there. Did for an instant on sector one of lap three, however, when I was going around a group and a cyclist coming from the opposite direction was doing the same, on the same side, and her low speed made her unsteady and we probably also saw each other too late, with the others blocking the view, so I had to stop for a moment and see where she was going to go. The most notable moment, however, was on sector three of lap one, and it was probably the moment that had the highest potential of actually being dangerous that I had to face on a run so far, since a leash tripped me. I saw the people, rather on the right side of the middle of the path, and the dog, already off the path towards the lake, to the left, but I didn’t see any leash, so I thought they had allowed it to run loose… Until I did see the leash, long, thin, pretty much the same color as the path, just about dragging across it, and right in front of me, with no time left to avoid it. The woman yelled at me to watch out, the man just told her that I was about to end up on my belly, and I just managed to stop without falling, with the leash ending up caught under the tongue of my right shoe. Lost a good five seconds to get untangled, so I then tried to push to make up for that and thought the effort will come back and bite me, especially considering the heat, but I still managed it.

Timed my squats every day during this period, starting with August 11, though I won’t today, and they were done in 2:22, 2:23, 2:28, 2:18, probably 2:17, 2:24, 2:27, 2:22, almost certainly 2:18 and 2:20, with the note that the last two were yesterday, since I didn’t do any Monday. On August 15 a replay just started as I was about to start and I’m not sure I could focus properly fast enough when I finished, so I’ll go with that 2:17 but 2:16 is also possible. As for yesterday’s first series, a replay was just ending when I finished, but I’m pretty sure that just one second passed before I could see the time, and that second was what I deducted from what I saw then.

I did mention yesterday’s squats, but I’ll leave yesterday aside otherwise, since it was quite a mess and I’ll be going to, I hope, fix it tomorrow, so all of that should go in another post, and it’s getting late now anyway. But before ending this I’ll mention August 13 as well, when I ended up awake around 11 AM due to the upstairs neighbor vacuuming and dad getting ready to leave and decided to get up after he went out the door. When I found a note about needing one kind of cat food, I checked Auchan’s site and saw a discount for another kind as well, so I decided to just get dressed and go, taking the free bus. Once there, found the kind Rocky likes as well, with the same discount, and ended up buying an entire box, which was possible because I only found eight of those for Micky, which had been the main reason for going there. If I’d have found the 20 I had initially meant to get, I wouldn’t have had enough money, but as it was, I could get a few things for myself as well. Miscalculated the times of the buses when I meant to leave though, ending up having to take the one leaving ten minutes later and walking a bit. Tried to nap later, but after watermelon and some tea that should help kidneys, I had to wake up to pee again after less than one hour and then I kept feeling that I had to go, which does tend to happen when I’m exhausted, so I might have managed to very briefly fall asleep again, but then I woke up again because of it and couldn’t get back to sleep. And later, after getting up and eventually having that feeling start to go away, gas took its place when I tried again, being bad enough that I couldn’t sleep because of that instead.


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