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Arcabit, Venetica and a Tiny Protest

With my trial of Arcabit Antivirus nearing its end, today I installed this month’s Windows updates, to see how it goes before what I mean to do next, which is restoring from that backup again and trying something else. And the updates themselves seem to have gone well, but after it rebooted the second time, which seems normal this month, there was another one of those freezes on the boot screen, with just two lines there and 9C in the lower right corner, requiring a hard reset for things to get back to normal. Seems fine at the moment though, so I guess I will install everything after restoring, and then make another backup to finally have a newer one as well. But I may leave that for next week, if that trial expiring will just mean no longer getting updates, which is how I understand it works.
However, still on the topic of Arcabit Antivirus, Saturday I noticed that it had silently failed. Something had seemed odd after updating it the previous night, but I didn’t check then, only noticing a problem when I right clicked the notification area icon after waking up, wanting to update it, and the menu didn’t show up. And then, when I clicked that to open the interface and started the update that way, the notification area icon became a blank space. So I checked whether it still worked and found that it didn’t, even if everything showed up as enabled. Turning the file protection off and back on didn’t fix it, but a reboot did, and it hasn’t happened again since. But, of course, this was never meant to be a serious test, but just something to get me through another month, so I don’t really care. Care somewhat more for the fact that there was again a single double middle click that I noticed during the period covered by this post, on that same day.

The timed squats during this period were only 2:20 Saturday, 2:28 Sunday and 2:24 today. But since I mentioned Sunday, that was when I received a warning for a “political” part in a post on the GOG.com forums, where I was replying to someone, being told that another violation will result in a ban. What was more messed up was that I just received an e-mail asking me to rate how the support ticket was resolved, and I had to track down the supposed support ticket to even see the warning, which I’d say rather defeats the point of a warning! Also wonder how come I lasted this long without a warning, if they became so strict about this, and how long I’ll last without a ban.
But at least I’m still able to post now, and was obviously also able to post after I ate Monday night, so in the early hours of October 8, when I closed my little giveaway and sent the games to the winners… And also received Venetica from the Community Giveaway, after asking for it just before going to eat. And I actually already installed it, deciding just before 5 AM last night to see whether there will be any point in doing so again after restoring from that backup, and ending up going to bed at 5:20 AM as a result. Didn’t actually start the game yet though, not even without saving, just going through settings and closing it again.

If that’s how yesterday ended for me, it began when my alarm rang at 10:30 AM. Was awake for a little while, but didn’t get up before it rang again, being quite sure that it was going to happen soon and wanting to rest as much as possible. Since I didn’t have the metro card, in order to attend the protest against the amendment removing the protection status and allowing hunting of bears directly, I guess so there will no longer be any need for those outrageously excessive exceptions that kept being granted so far, which recently passed the Senate without a single vote against and is moving to the Chamber of Deputies for a final decision, I needed to walk to Izvor Park, so the plan was to leave at noon and I was just one or two minutes late. Felt that I was rather slow on the way, feeling tired and also stopping twice to get stuff out of my shoes and once to very quickly check for that kind of cat food that is now hard to find in some other store, but was nevertheless there at 1:05 PM, when hardly anyone was there except the reporters. Did see the banners and loudspeakers on a bench and one guy who was obviously a protester on another, but even he was a bit away from the reporters and just waiting, so I first went to the toilet and bought this month’s issue of National Geographic, returning some 15 minutes later.
I guess I participated after that, also taking one of the signs which had been brought and standing with the others, only breaking away for a few pictures, which are of poor quality anyway, since I only had my phone with me. Not that much happened, since I counted a total of 16 participants by the time I left, and a peak of 12, since some had already left by the time others arrived. Also counted 12 reporters, though four left early, I guess the interest being not just due to the fact that the protest was taking place right across the road from the Parliament, but also because it was organized by Remus Cernea, after a few years of him staying away from taking on such activities.
The listed schedule stated that the protest was supposed to end at 4 PM, Remus said we’ll stay until 3:30 PM, in case more will come, but as I already mentioned, most had already left by the time I did, at 3 PM. And those who were still there had pretty much just been chatting for some time at that point, just briefly taking the signs again for a few more pictures after a new person arrived. Which, of course, meant that I felt quite awkward, though I probably said more than one’d normally expect from me, mainly to a girl from Demos who was there. Didn’t say anything to the woman who was wearing a jacket that looked like crocodile leather and leopard print pants though, and I don’t think anyone did, regardless of how awfully inappropriate it was at a protest against hunting, since she was obviously quite sick and was attending in spite of that. Either way, what made me feel particularly awkward was when Remus made a point of greeting me right away and saying he was glad to see me again, and later mentioned my comments on his page and how supposedly 95% of the time they’re good and he agrees and we shouldn’t focus on the remaining 5% or on the “millimeter” of bad we see in each other, only making the idea general, referring to how people should act if they want to get anything done, after that. Well, there’s a whole lot more we disagree on than he said, but definitely agree with how things should go, of course, focusing on the common points and not the differences.
Had also somehow “managed” to pick up a long strand of spider web at one point, and it took me a while to at least get rid of most of it, and I have no idea whether I had picked up the spider as well or not. There was a spot that started itching in a somewhat worrying way on my chest after I left, but it seems better now. The sunburn may take a bit longer to get rid of, since I “managed” to get that as well, on the back of my neck, ears and even nose, but I guess it’s not exactly surprising, since it was a sunny day and after leaving the protest I didn’t just walk back as well, but took quite a detour, looking for some more of that cat food, since we were down to the last one. Checked a few stores along the way as well, but eventually got to that other Kaufland, with that pet shop next to it, and that pet shop was the only place where I found some more. At a higher price, but I nevertheless bought ten, as it worked out as being just marginally cheaper for the same quantity than purchasing the new ones, with a lower quantity, from Auchan would have been, assuming I’d have even found those there again. As it was, didn’t need to go to Auchan as well… Though that also meant I couldn’t use their free bus and had to walk back, feeling increasingly sleepy and out of it on the way, and getting back here at 5:05 PM.

As for this week’s run, that was Tuesday, and I went for 16 kilometers again. Ate and drank the usual stuff plus some baked pumpkin and left at 4:05 PM, also with an undershirt under the running t-shirt, the reported temperature being around 14°C, that being the last of the cool days, before the highs returned above 20°C now. But it was nevertheless sunny and the wind wasn’t an issue either, so I aimed for 1:17 and actually managed 1:16:09, with sector times of 4:25, 5:10, 5:52, 4:23, 4:56, 5:49, 4:22, 4:58, 5:49, 4:26, 4:58, 5:50, 4:26, 5:00 and 5:45, making for lap times of 15:27, 15:08, 15:09, 15:14 and 15:11, again only looking at the seconds. This also means the fastest laps four and five yet, despite managing my right leg during them. Probably due to trying to spare my left hip, after it had started bothering me a little after Sunday’s squats, pretty much from the start of lap four my right knee felt like it was in danger of sliding out of place, trying to bend it less resulted in the foot threatening me with cramps, and trying to manage that as well resulted in my ankle and eventually even my tibia sending warnings, but it all held together in the end. They still bother me a little though, so I hope there won’t be worse problems next week.
To return to that run, the only other issue had to do with people, but even that was far less of one than the week before, just meaning that I had to weave or take the long way around a number of times. There was a single moment that stood out a little, on the very last sector, when a kid stumbled onto the path, looking back and away from me, stopped when I was about to go behind him and started again as I quickly switched to trying to pass in front of him, breaking my rhythm as I had to avoid him. But I actually ended up using that as an opportunity to sort of reset and push harder, losing speed over the last minute and a half or so, since I had started way too early to maintain that pace, but nevertheless managing a great final sector and lap. Then again, the only poor lap was the first one, and that one did worry me at the time, but I started pushing harder from the second and could keep it up, the first being left as the slowest one. Was still just aiming to just squeeze under 1:17 at first, but after lap three I started thinking of 1:16:30, thinking I needed to commit from sector two of lap four, since if I’ll just push on sector three and end up failing to stay under 1:01 after four laps, I may be too tired on lap five. So I did push from sector two of lap four, managed 1:00:58 at the end of that lap and then was even faster on the fifth, so I shouldn’t have been worried either way.

Went out again that evening, at 7:05 PM, getting back just after 9 PM. Went to this Kaufland and Carrefour, also dropping off those things I take to Kaufland, so going there first again. Dad had also mentioned that cat food, but there was none at Kaufland and Carrefour apparently switched to the new ones, with the reduced quantity, keeping their price as it was, higher than they used to be even at Mega Image, and also more than what I ended up buying those with the previous quantity for from that pet shop yesterday, so I obviously ignored the fact that they had them. And, either way, the main thing I went to buy were onions, and got some cheap ones from Kaufland, after going through both crates and picking pretty much every single one that still seemed quite all right, among the pile of mostly bad ones. And I also did use my own plastic bag, and the self-checkout as well. As for Carrefour, did get a few things from there as well… And ended up leaving with more money than I had when I went in, since as I stopped to arrange things better a woman came from behind and slipped me a 10 RON bill, telling me to say “bogdaproste”, which is what you’re supposed to say when receiving alms, especially when they’re given in the name of someone who died. I was rather too stunned to react properly, merely asking why and meaning to refuse but ending up just saying what I was asked to say when the woman just repeated the request and left. Should have probably at least asked for the name of the deceased she was giving for, if that was the case, but, as I said, I was too stunned.


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