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New Finds – XXI

Yes, two posts in this series less than a week apart, and actually written only two days apart, since I needed something non-personal as the week’s early first post and there’s a personal post to write and schedule after this as well, and at the time of writing I don’t know whether my Internet access will be cut off after January 5 or actually on that day. So the idea would be to have another look over this, remove this part and post it myself shortly after midnight, but if I won’t be able to do so, I have scheduled it to be posted at 5 AM, when I’d normally go to bed. If you’re reading this, it means that’s what happened and I have already lost my Internet access, without finding a replacement that I’d be willing to use on my site, or even on my computer at all.
The necessity of a quick post is also why this just includes the two bands that were the actual new finds from what was posted on that Power of Female Fronted Metal group and a third band that was just a random pick off my list that happened to have released a new album a few months ago. I was just sort of randomly scrolling and pointing with the cursor, meaning to then check whether there was a new release, and this was actually the second band I ended up selecting in that manner, the first one being one I had already included in such a post in the past. Tried about a dozen more times after that, but all those other bands either had no album released in the past year, had already been included in such a post, or weren’t on Metal Archives at all and I didn’t take the time to try to find information elsewhere. Should really get around to changing my script to also include Spirit of Metal, but if I haven’t done it in all these years, I definitely won’t be doing it now.

The first of those new finds is Aryem and the picks are easy to make, since there are two songs in English readily available, Betrayed and Horizon Cries, the latter seeming much better. They say the album should be coming soon, but they have since changed their vocalist, so I’m not sure how relevant any of it still is. But, as I said, I’m in a hurry, so I’m posting this here now, and in fact it seems to be the first band from Mexico that I’m including in such a post…

The second new find is Living Shields. They currently seem to be working on their first actual full album, but the five songs released before are readily available and I’ll go with Painful Fate and Candle Light. The vocals tend to be the weak point, maybe less so on Painful Fate but quite obviously otherwise, and that’s the most important part for me, but I did say I had to post something quickly and this was what I had to work with at the moment. And they do have other things going for them, and Painful Fate shows that something can be done about the vocals as well, to some extent, so maybe they’ll be much closer to their potential on this upcoming full album.

As for the band I rather randomly picked, that’s Rexoria, and I’ll just make things easy for myself and stick to what’s officially posted from their two full albums, so I’ll go with Song By the Angels from the first and Reach for the Heavens in Time from the second as my picks. Strong, confident, professional… In an entirely different league compared to my new finds. Not sure how to feel about the lyrics though, as if you for example take my two picks, I resonate with the issues tackled, but on pretty much all songs I get the sense that Christianity is presented as the solution. I guess it’s not spelled out beyond any deniability, quite clearly not feeling like they’re shoving it down throats, but it nevertheless rubs me the wrong way. Doesn’t change the fact that I like the sound though.


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