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Running Tights and 2020’s First Sunday Update

Timed the squats today, 2:13, but otherwise I just caught up with reading, after being unable to do so yesterday, even ending up finishing a chapter on the toilet, before taking a bath at night, to only end up some 30 pages short. No idea how many years it’s been since I read a book in the bathroom, probably over a decade… But now I have to write this as well, even if I’ll end up with a Sunday update, the first one this year. Sort of considered trying to add another quick “New Finds” post, but there’s no way to do that off-line, as I’m writing this.

Friday I posted the previous post after waking up to pee, quickly connecting in order to do so since dad wasn’t here, then got back to bed and minutes later, while I was still awake, finally got a call from Carrefour, being told that a technical problem caused that part of my order to not be taken into the system and it’ll be entered then if I’ll accept to reschedule the delivery. So I did so, saying I’ll keep the hours and asking for the day, being told that in that case it’ll be Monday. Then I confirmed that it’ll be that cat food that will be delivered and can only hope that will actually happen, even though the site still says it’s not in stock anymore. Realized after the end of the conversation that I should have asked if they’ll be able to deliver before Monday if I’d change the time slot, but it was too late to do anything about it then.
The problem was that the little food of a similar but much more expensive kind dad had purchased had finished and he insisted to still have enough to fill all three bowls instead of letting Liza just eat it and combining what was left first in two and then in one, so we needed more before Monday and I meant to go look for some that day, even if it was certain to be a fair bit more expensive, if I’d have even found that specific kind at all, since I’m not seeing it on any of the sites anymore. But he bought a little more of that more expensive kind from that nearby pet shop he gets that from, bringing it when he finally got back, at 5:20 PM, after telling me the day before that he’ll be back between 3 PM and 4 PM and then sending me an SMS at 4:15 PM saying he’ll be here in 30 minutes…
Still, I wanted to go out, looking to grab a few other things as well but mainly to at least get a little taste of this winter weather we finally got, and use the opportunity to test the new jacket and gloves as well. So I left at 5:40 PM, also taking the book with me, though I only read a couple of pages on the metro on the way back, and then a few more before exiting the metro station, to at least finish a section of a chapter. Did mean to go to another part of the city at first, and that’d have given me much more time, but it was getting late already, so when I got to the metro station I decided to just get on the first one that will come and decide where to go based on that, getting off at Obor as a result and meaning to go to the Carrefour and Kaufland from there.
Well, that actually proved to be a very good thing, since I saw the Decathlon in that mall, which I didn’t remember was there, and had a look at running tights, finding a model that seemed somewhat acceptable and trying on a pair. Couldn’t buy it then, since I hadn’t taken more money with me after dad brought that cat food and I knew I wouldn’t have to look for some as well, so I just tried on the S and not the M as well, but I kept it in mind and, after considering rushing back to get the money to buy it that evening after all, decided to leave it for the next day and just have a look through that Carrefour, as originally planned. Didn’t find anything there though, so I then went to that Kaufland as well, finding 500 g packs of that kind of coffee dad wanted for just a little more than that 250 g one had been, so I got two of those and some other things, including a few small beets that seemed to be discounted for the evening, and which scanned for even less than that when I made my way to the self-checkout, making it look like they really wanted to get rid of that stock that evening. Got back around 8:50 PM.

Yesterday I woke up to pee at 8:45 AM and decided to stay up, despite being really sleepy. Had seen some running tights that seemed better at another Decathlon location, in a part of the city I had never been to as far as I recall, the site saying that it was the only location in Bucharest that still had any, so I wanted to get there early and try those as well, leaving at 10:25 AM as a result. Had my running pants on, so it’ll be easier to take them off and put them back on, and so it’ll be less of a problem if I’ll get mud on them, which did happen. However, I ended up only trying things on once, after getting back to Obor, and getting back five and a half hours after leaving with the model I had seen there the previous evening after all, albeit in size M and not the S I had tried on then.
At least I walked for a while in that beautiful winter weather we had yesterday, and the much longer time spent on the metro in order to get to and back from that other part of the city meant I could read a fair bit, though obviously not enough, and otherwise the trip was pointless, likely only greatly increasing the risk of again failing to avoid the flu at the start of the year, and I’m actually a bit worried about some things I’m starting to feel this evening. But I guess I at least visited another part of the city, and actually managed to not get lost, being confused for a moment after exiting the metro station but figuring out which way I needed to go and getting to that mall without any wrong turns on the way.
Once there, however, I couldn’t find those running tights I was looking for on my own and the machine that was in front of that area wouldn’t let me check the stock again, saying the service was unavailable when I tried. So I went up the escalators and looked around there as well, then checked on one of the machines from that area, seeing that those two pairs in size S were still listed as being in stock, and those were the only option, since there were no M ones. But, seeing as I couldn’t find them myself, I asked an employee, and she called the guy who handled that section, but after checking on his tablet, asking me to follow him back down and searching through things himself, he was unable to find them either. He then went away for a few minutes, asking me to wait for him, but only came back with a different model, saying that they were similar and the closest thing he could find. So I took them, saying I’ll try them on and decide, but didn’t even do so, noticing just as I was about to do so that they only had one tiny pocket, smaller than the one those I had seen at Obor had, and the reason I was uncertain about those was that I’ll need to carry more things than I can fit in there at least during the marathon. Still, going to that area meant I also saw the piles of clothes left in the baskets for stuff that’s tried on and not taken back yet, so I spent quite some time searching for the model I wanted there as well, before returning to a small section that employee had searched and which I had missed at first… And ending up finding those two pairs on my own. However, one look was enough to tell me I didn’t want to bother trying them on either, since they were clearly designed for cold weather and therefore not something I’ll be using for the actual races, and their three pockets were all tiny and without zippers, meaning that the one larger pocket with a zipper that the other model had was still closer to what I wanted, even if not enough.
I should have been able to buy that model from there as well, and they had plenty of pairs, but the listed price was higher than the one I had seen at Obor. Maybe it’d have scanned for less, since the employee had pointed out that a lot of prices had just changed the day before and they hadn’t had time to replace all the labels, so prices may well be lower than the listed ones, but the listed price matched the one on the site and I couldn’t find any way to scan a label to check, those machines not reacting to holding a product next to one, even though there’s a big message saying to do so for more information. So I decided not to risk it and just left, which led to an odd moment when the alarm at the exit sounded a few seconds after I walked past it, so clearly for someone else, but the guard called me back and asked what I had in a pocket that some labels were sticking out of. And when I pulled out my gloves he grabbed them and passed them through the sensors before handing them back to me, making me wonder how much of an idiot did he think I was, to steal something and shove the product, with labels sticking out, just in my open pockets, when I had three more visible pockets with the zipper closed and two large inner pockets, which were actually full, one of them with the book and the other with bags and that old backpack.
Either way, as I already said, I then went back to Obor and still found those running tights there. They weren’t sort of hidden away behind the others anymore, as I had placed them the previous evening, but there were two in size S and two in size M, and one S had the zipper open, which was how I had left the one I had tried on, so it was probably the same one. Still, I took all four and tried them on, just in case there were differences between those with the same listed size as well, and also in case I’ll find a problem with one of those of the size I’ll decide on, and eventually decided on an M, the S seeming a bit tight after all. I guess being tight is rather the point, but they have a cord to tie, so it shouldn’t be a problem and I preferred to be on the safe side, also in case they’ll shrink after being washed. Did feel a bit awkward after being done, since I had spent too much time in there and didn’t want to stay even longer, so I left without putting the other three pairs back on the hangers and an employee quickly came to do so as soon as I came out of there just carrying them on my arm, before I could have a chance to hang them on my own. Told him I meant to do that, but he said it’s all right and got to work, then handed them to another employee to put back as I was looking over the pair I had chosen one more time.
After that, I decided to not even have another look through that Carrefour, but did go back to that Kaufland, for some more carrots and black radishes… And I again had an older woman stand right next to me as I was using the self-checkout, trying to “help” me before the employee came as the machine said the carrots were the wrong product after I placed them on the scales, rushing me, even selecting things herself on the screen when I again got too confused because of her presence to even remember how to pay. Did mean to say that I’m using those machines just to minimize my interaction with people, but obviously couldn’t manage even that. But at least I got out of there with the stuff, and put it all in the backpack, with the running tights on top of the bags with the vegetables.
On the way back, I noticed that stuffing the book in there had already caused that inner pocket of the jacket to start tearing. It was obvious the inner pockets were very flimsy and not really intended to be used, and definitely not for things that can barely fit in them and are relatively heavy for their size as well, but I didn’t think they’ll literally tear right away. Still, it’s something that can be fixed, and I guess that fragile mesh that’s there can even be replaced with something sturdier at some later point, so I don’t care too much. Other than that, only checked when I was back at the metro and noticed that dad had sent me an SMS asking if I could buy peas so he’ll be able to cook something for me, but it’s not like I can’t fix myself something out of what we already have, and did so yesterday, and I didn’t want to go back for that, plus that I thought I’ll find cheaper peas elsewhere anyway, some other day.

I guess that’s it for now, and I also just about caught up with reading, so I’ll be making myself mamaliga again tonight and then I’ll see how I’ll feel over the next few days. Did consider running tomorrow, to try those tights as well, and get the week’s run out of the way before it’ll get worse if I did catch something, but there will probably be ice, mud or both, and at the moment the forecast is for good weather for running on Friday and a little more wind but otherwise still all right on Thursday, so I’m going to wait, even if there’s a protest Friday evening that I’m thinking of attending, assuming I won’t be feeling sick. Something also caught in my back again earlier, as I got up after reading in bed, and while at the moment it doesn’t seem bad, it’s another reason to want to take it easy for now.


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