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Probably the Last SETI@home Tasks, Connection Issues, Dad, Cooking and Filth

Yesterday I cleaned my room somewhat more thoroughly, also rearranging some things, getting rid of a few, and changing my sheets and flipping my mattress over. Then, at night, while dad was working in the living room, I also cooked a little, and when I got back on the computer, before he went to bed and I reconnected, I blocked all of Avira‘s processes from connecting, since the Avira Antivirus Pro trial should expire today, I don’t know exactly when and it keeps connecting on its own. At first, it still said it was going to expire in one day, but when I checked again before going to bed I got conflicting information, some apparently indicating that I was on the free edition and some that the Pro still had a license that was expiring soon, and the situation seems to continue at the moment, nothing seeming to have changed in the Antivirus interface. And the CPU use I see when I execute programs, open files or visit sites would indicate that it’s still doing something, so I’ll leave it for a while longer, albeit without updates. It’ll be unpleasant if it’ll disable itself tonight, since if I didn’t do it today, I doubt I’ll get myself to move on to something else, possibly also restoring from the backup before doing so, before at least Saturday, but at the moment I’m trying to just write this and leave worrying too much about that for later.

Monday I went out, though I hadn’t planned to do so. Dad was supposed to go to my grandmother’s to bring them some things and take the cats to have their shots, but after I got up and he finished a long call, he said he wasn’t going to go then anymore, and he won’t just go to Kaufland either. The initial plan was to go there on the way, and I had told him that they had 30% off all pet products that day, which was something we couldn’t miss, but since he wasn’t going to go anymore, I had to. Hadn’t shaved, hadn’t clipped my fingernails, and it was also raining a little, but I just ate an apple and a slice of cozonac, didn’t even take a shit, grabbed the last regular mask, or at least the last one dad claimed he didn’t wear, not wanting my beard to damage mine even more, and went right out a bit after 3:10 PM. Was considering going to the Kaufland at Vitan, since the stocks are better there, and then also to the Carrefour from the park on the way back, for bread, since I was more likely to find unsliced one there, but it was late, so I just went to these other ones… And my concerns about stocks were confirmed.
At Kaufland, could only find the cans for Micky and the treats for Liza, and while I knew that they don’t sell the cans for Rocky or Liza’s food, nor the large bags of the other kind, they should have the medium bags, and there was an area on the shelf with that label there, but it was empty. Even spent some time around the entrance to the storage area, until an employee came out, to ask whether they had any more, but she said they didn’t. Could get one large bag of it from Carrefour though, since it was discounted there as well, even if the discount was lower. Should have purchased the olives from there too, but when I noticed that they were on sale at Kaufland I just grabbed some, knowing that my mother tends to ask for olives now and then and Kaufland usually has the cheapest ones anyway, but then I saw that same kind for even less at Carrefour. What I didn’t see there, on the other hand, was that kind of bread that wasn’t sliced, and even asked an employee and she said they didn’t have it unsliced, so I just got that bag of cat food and an expiring thing… And then scratched a finger quite badly with a fingernail after I got out, as I was quickly switching the bags from one hand to the other to grab my cap before the wind blew it away. Was passing by Kaufland then and considered going up to wash or disinfect the spot, but I decided against it and got back here at 5:30 PM. Meant to cook then, but dad announced that he was going to make pancakes, so the cooking was left for the next day, as I already mentioned… And also only showered at night, not right after getting back. But at least I had pancakes, I guess…

Speaking of dad and cooking, Thursday I had another crash, caused just by that, or more specifically by the mess and filth he leaves behind. The bathroom also pretty much needs to be bathed in something against mold, but that was about the kitchen, since I just try to clean the specific spots I use before I use them, but the rest is quite nauseating and trying to clean it would be an exercise in futility. When I got there Wednesday night and started cleaning after him, I was starting to feel nauseous, which I told him when he cheerily came there to finish eating while I was doing that. He genuinely didn’t seem to know what filth I was referring to, or why would it matter when I pointed it out, and when he meant to start cooking while I was there on Thursday and I told him to watch what he’ll soil, he cheerily said he’ll soil everything. That prompted me to stare at him for a moment and then say that, if he’s a pig, he should keep in mind that there are others living in the pigsty as well. He left the kitchen then, rather angrily throwing that I can’t take a joke over his shoulder, and that messed me up even more… Then again, the thought of him trying to clean up after himself, which did happen that time, did so as well, considering what that means for him.
Crawled in bed around 7:15 PM that evening and only crawled back out at 10 PM, but slept less than one hour during that time, just feeling that I couldn’t handle the situation anymore. Heard that he was trying to wash things and put them back and, as I already said, that made it even worse, knowing that I’ll have even more work to do when I’ll get there, as he’ll splash water everywhere and use huge amounts of stuff to supposedly “wash” things but still leave them even visibly dirty, leave the sponges soaked and thrown in various places, set the things to dry where the water will just pool around them and likely drip down on the kitchen cabinet, and also likely put them back in while still wet. Still, went to the kitchen about half an hour after getting out of bed and did spend almost one hour cleaning up after his attempt to clean up, but expected worse, so I guess he at least made a bit of an effort that one time. Unfortunately, the effort was to clean up a bit less badly than before, leaving a bit less “damage” for me to “fix”, and not to avoid using and soiling so many things in the first place, or at least to learn how to properly clean up. But I guess that’d go completely against his mindset of not caring about “things” and not being economical, apparently because he sees that as a sign of poverty and refuses to feel or act poor.

As it tends to happen when I’m in such a state, the computer seemed to have some issues that night as well. Had finally unplugged the old network cables from the UPS that day, but that shouldn’t have affected this one, yet when I plugged it back in at night, it kept saying that I was disconnected or it just didn’t work despite not displaying any problem. Had also noticed some brief moments when it seemed to stop working after I started disabling my LAN chipset instead of unplugging the cable from the router, so I won’t need to go there to connect and disconnect anymore, but after noticing those brief moments I had decided to unplug the cable from my computer instead, to see how that changed things, and it obviously made it much worse. It all seemed to work well again after I plugged the cable coming from the router into the UPS, putting the one coming from the UPS back in use to get the signal to the computer, and I didn’t unplug any cable again since then, getting back to disabling the chipset when I wanted to disconnect, which didn’t seem to cause any more issues… Until today, since I noticed another one of those brief moments when it didn’t seem to work when I spent a little time on-line before dad woke up. It may not be a real issue, or it may not be caused by my computer, but at the same time it very well may be, and I was supposed to stop sharing the connection, one way or another, in March, and it’s already May… And now, as if I wasn’t worried about enough things already, I checked the router’s information again and I’m seeing 305 errors for my connection, and there used to only be eight. It is possible that they appeared while I was cleaning yesterday, if I touched the cables while vacuuming or dusting, but I’ll need to keep an eye on it…

April 30 was also another day with no visits recorded in either view, as was May 3. But May 3 is more notable because that’s when my computer finished the last SETI@home tasks. The last ones received so far, sure, but I doubt I’ll get any more from now on. Had actually squeezed a few more between those MilkyWay@home tasks that I had to go through those days because they were close to the deadline and reached that target credit of 7.5 million on April 29, then went through the remaining ones once those MilkyWay@home ones were done and completed those that still needed results first, and then left it to finish all the rest as well, which happened pretty much when I woke up, at 2:30 PM, on May 3. Could also connect and report them a little over one hour later, soon after I got on the computer, but made sure to hold off on the last one that was completed, so it’ll also be reported separately, a few minutes after the rest. Also noticed when I checked at that point that I was in the top 5% according to recent average credit, which only shows how many had finished everything quite some time ago, since my regular RAC wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere near the top 5% and the one I had at that time was around 70% of what it used to be. But, since I saved those pages as well, I’ll add the links to the information about this computer and its application details page here as well, so it won’t all get lost… Assuming these saved pages won’t somehow vanish, at least.

Otherwise, also read Ichor Well during this period, between April 29 and May 2, actually just leaving a little for that last day and finishing it when I woke up in the morning, managing to also write and post the quick review before dad woke up. Actually, just managed to finish the post for the Collection before disconnecting as well… And then, the next day, I downloaded and started the novelization of Planescape: Torment. Had started the Rhyss Hess one way back and then stopped, but for some reason found myself going through a few more scenes recently and decided to actually go for this “proper” one after all. And this is indeed a proper book, unlike that other one, and in fact I’ll go right back to reading now that I finished this.


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