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Run Three of the Series and Router Resetting to Factory Settings

Tuesday I woke up again just before the alarm rang, at 11 PM, but that was after having a hard time falling asleep in the first place and waking up multiple times after that. Still, with a forecast listing a risk of rain in the afternoon, I had to go earlier, so I had the usual stuff plus almonds, the yogurt again being one of those better ones and the sweet thing those biscuits with added honey. Had the full running gear and went out a bit before 1 PM, when the reported temperature was 22°C, increasing to 24-25°C by the time I finished. It was cloudy in the morning, but it became mostly sunny just before I left and remained so while I ran, though as I ran lap three there was a rather cloudy period again. The wind sure was an issue though, especially early on, as I had to really fight it for the first two laps, and there were still some serious gusts on lap three and in quite a few places on lap four as well, just lap five being better, the wind only being something of an issue on that long turn where it may cause problems even when there’s very little otherwise.
Just as I meant to press the button at the end, I noticed that my fingers were numb and I fumbled with it, only managing to stop the stopwatch a couple of seconds later, but I’m pretty sure I looked just as I was crossing what I consider to be the finish line, and the time I saw then was 1:18:21. The sector times were 4:17, 5:04, 6:01, 4:27, 5:07, 5:57, 4:31, 5:11, 6:01, 4:39, 5:12, 6:03, 4:37, 5:08 and 6:06, making for lap times of 15:22, 15:31, 15:43, 15:54 and 15:51. Was only aiming for 1:20 and thinking that even that was unrealistic and I’ll likely need to settle for 1:22 or even 1:23, but I pushed from the start and after two sectors even thought I’ll manage a first lap in less than 15:20. The third sector wasn’t that good, so I failed that, but then I aimed to have two laps in less than 31 minutes and managed that with quite a few seconds to spare, at which point I became certain of 1:20 and started entertaining the thought of 1:19. Still didn’t think it was at all likely, however, so I was only really aiming for 16 minutes on lap three in order to afford 16:30 on the last two, and even thinking that if I’ll end up needing 16:20 on lap five and not manage that, I won’t be too disappointed. Yet lap three was even a bit closer to 15:30 than to 16:00, and at that point I finally realized that 1:19 was indeed possible and moved on to the next goal, five laps in less than 16 minutes, which I also achieved. And after seeing 1:02:30 after four laps, I obviously had to aim to stay under 1:18:30, which I did. So, while still not marking a return to a normal time for this distance, which would be under 1:18, under these circumstances this run went way better than I dared to even hope.
Felt that mix of exhaustion and runner’s high on sector one of lap three, but it lessened after that, and from lap four I was actually making a mental note that I felt I had entered a proper “endurance” phase and could just keep going like that, steadily. There were a few moments when I felt like taking a crap though, the feeling first appearing on that same lap three and coming and going after that. The knee only gave me some faint warnings on sector one of lap five, being fine otherwise, and the people weren’t a problem either, the park actually being quite clear. There were plenty of runners though, especially early on, and while all others going in the same direction were much slower, the first two, a man and a woman in Brasov Marathon t-shirts, even helped a little, as they were just ahead of me when I started and a fair bit slower, but once I overtook them, under the bridge, she stayed behind but he pushed to stay right on my heels until a gust of wind made me slow, at which point he overtook me and was pulling steadily ahead until he stopped, early on sector two. But, back to issues, as I already mentioned, it was that wind that caused the most, and especially on those first two laps, plus on those areas of laps three and four, which unfortunately included all but one straight, I was at times feeling like I was pushing against a wall, having to hold my head to the side to breathe and try to position myself to try to cut through it as well as I could.

Was back just before 2:45 PM and left again at 3:55 PM, also taking the recyclables, including what I drop off at Kaufland, so I again had to make that detour in order to find a bin. Then I went to Kaufland, dropping those things off there as well and getting a couple of things… And washing my armpits in the bathroom, since we didn’t have hot water and the site said it’ll stay off until midnight, which normally meant it’ll return to normal pressure at night, but still be cold until morning. Also meant to go to the Library location from that area, since I think I need to renew my pass and was thinking of borrowing something too, but when I went out I realized I didn’t have the time, so I went back, retrieved the purchases from the cabinet I had placed them in and also had a quick look through that Carrefour, grabbing some more beets and getting back a bit before 6 PM.
Started cleaning my room after that, but paused before vacuuming to go back out a bit after 7 PM, to also get some sour cream, since dad was going to bring my mother over again the next day and make mamaliga and wanted that as well, and I asked whether he was going to get some from a certain nearby place or I will, and he said I can go in that case. Almost left my ID card there, and the receipts from Kaufland and Carrefour, after leaving them in a box when I took out the money and forgetting about them until the cashier called after me. But all’s well that ends well, so I got back and vacuumed, then grabbed something to eat quickly and eventually made some mamaliga myself, for dinner, which I only started eating at 1:30 AM. Interestingly, contrary to pretty much all past experience, hot water came at 11 PM, but I made food and ate first, and then also changed the sheets, before showering before going to bed, which I finally did at 5:20 AM.

Something strange happened the next morning, apparently at 11 AM, according to the logs. I noticed that the WLAN LED was on when I passed by the router after getting up and wondered why did dad turn that on, but when I tried to log on, I couldn’t, so after a couple of failed attempts I tried the default password and that worked, and a quick check confirmed that the router had been reset to factory settings, this apparently happening seconds before 11 AM, with some changes to some settings being made, within seconds, four minutes later, no computer being connected to it at the time and the logs not stating that anyone had logged on.

I guess that’s it for now, though I’ll add that dad brought some cactus fruit from his sister this evening and I held them for a while and then peeled one, only realizing that I had tiny thorns all over my hands as a result after that, so I hope they’ll sort of go away on their own after a while, because it’s pretty unpleasant at the moment. Definitely hope my hands will be fine tomorrow evening, when I’d want to make some more pasta, before what I plan to be a half marathon run on Monday, to honor Sunday’s marathon. And I should also finish Grim Fandango Remastered and read something next week, possibly after renewing that Library pass and getting something from there, because my chances of reading 12 books and finishing five, or even four, games this year are getting to be quite low, with only six books and two games when there are only two and a half months left. But the one thing I absolutely need to do next week if I’m to ever do it at all is visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, since October 17 is the last day it’ll be here, so let’s see if I’ll do that after all and how I’ll fit the other things in as well, if I somehow will.


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