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Situation Rapidly Worsens, Records Fall Every Day, Measures Remain Few and Weak

After last Thursday’s triple record that was just shy of the thresholds for cases and deaths, since there were 4902 confirmed cases and 98 deaths, plus 778 in intensive care, the following day the number of confirmed cases in a day first passed 5000, reaching 5028. Then, after the lower numbers caused by the fewer tests done over the weekend, the threshold of 100 deaths was passed Tuesday, the number being 104, and that was followed by another triple record yesterday, with 5343 cases, 107 deaths and 861 in intensive care. And the records for cases and people in intensive care were again broken today, that of cases by quite a margin, reaching 6481, 1129 of them in Bucharest alone, this also marking a new record of cases in one area, smashing the previous one, and also the first time over 1000 cases were reported in a single area. The number of people in intensive care increased only slightly, to 868, but it’s not like there’s much room left, the total number of intensive care beds for COVID-19 patients being about 1050 and those in and even anywhere around the harder hit areas being completely filled.
In spite of that, and of the fact that an increasing number of other countries are finally acting again, at least to some extent, the President again said that another lockdown is not an option, and the Minister of Economy also stated that the economy as a whole won’t be affected in such a manner again. So we’re looking at the imminent collapse of the medical system, which wasn’t working well to begin with and which has also been failing people suffering from other ailments more and more as this crisis deepened, but they mean to just keep things going more or less as they are, the strictest measures that may be taken at this point, for the areas with more than three confirmed cases per 1000 inhabitants over the past 14 days, being limited to just closing indoor theaters, restaurants and casinos, requiring everyone over the age of five to also wear masks outside except while performing individual physical activities, eating or smoking while maintaining the distance, closing schools and banning private events. This last element is a significant recent improvement, but that’s about it. And, while the controls have admittedly increased, many people don’t wear masks correctly, or at all, plenty making use of that baffling smoking exception that was just added, and gatherings in homes or even other places keep taking place. And let’s not even mention those who push back against even these weak measures and spread conspiracy theories and disinformation.
An increasing number of medical professionals and other experts are openly demanding harsher measures, backing their demands with undeniable numbers and calculations, but it seems that, with the exception of the food, cultural and gambling sectors, the economy takes precedence over health for our authorities… Not that I can see how any economy, and one that works under this rotten current system in particular, can function under such circumstances anyway. But there’s also the matter of the Parliamentary elections, scheduled for December 6, so that’s another reason why it’s highly unlikely that harsh measures will be implemented before that date, regardless of the price paid, in every sense of the way. They’re still the ones who’ll be criticized for the disaster, but I guess they’re hoping that the “bill” will only come later, or at least that this approach will hurt their numbers less than the one that makes sense, and is clearly required, and has been since at least last month…
Of course, there are worse crises taking place, starting with the environmental crisis and all its aspects, the overpopulation crisis that greatly contributes to most other major problems and which needs to be solved before any other efforts will be able to achieve anything more than delaying the inevitable at an ever increasing cost, and poverty and inequality and all the ills they lead to, and even less is done about those, people never even really admitting that they exist, nearly everyone actually directly rejecting the idea of overpopulation, especially in the areas that are better off and where the need to reduce the population is actually most immediate, and those in power at most paying lip service to the others. But in spring it actually seemed that this crisis was different and some of the necessary measures could in fact be taken, that human society could respond in a way that was somewhat closer to the appropriate one. Since then, however, that’s been proven as a wrong impression time and time again, making it even clearer, not that any additional evidence was needed, that one should never put any hope or confidence in people in general, whether we’re talking about those in power or the masses, but at most in a small number of individuals and small groups that are dedicated to a cause and do all they can for it. Unfortunately, such individuals and groups lack the resources, power, influence and numbers required to implement the necessary changes, and as time passes and the situation worsens, the gap between what they can do and what needs to be done continues to widen… As does the one between what humanity’s level of development and knowledge would allow and what is actually being done, whether for people or for this planet and all other species we share, or should be sharing, it with.


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