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Marko Unexpectedly Retires from Nightwish and Public Life

Marko‘s announcement of retiring from Nightwish and public life sure came out of nowhere yesterday, especially considering their upcoming virtual concert, scheduled two months from now. And now that I had a look I found that less than a month ago he won Masked Singer Finland and also took part in the Raskasta Joulua stream, so it’s not like he’s been having all this time off and only now started thinking about getting back to “business” and realized he can’t do it anymore. Then again, considering the first part of that announcement, it would seem that the contracts for that upcoming virtual concert and/or the payments for the Raskasta Joulua one had quite a lot to do with it. And he always was the one most openly focused on and outspoken about the earnings, and against “piracy”, standing in contrast with Tuomas and making me frown and send various choice words his way whenever I saw such interviews or comments, though now that he switched his target from “pirate” consumers to the real ones, the corporations, I most definitely agree.
I wonder what this means for the future of the band, since he was also their second vocalist and even wrote some of the music, which are roles that the guest bassist they announced they’ll be looking for is unlikely to fill, or at least certainly not as well. Of course, they probably won’t worry about writing for quite some time, since they released Human. :||: Nature. right when much of the world was in lockdown, in April, so they’re yet to actually do much of anything with it, and the number of years between their albums has been constantly increasing anyway, but this is just their current problem, needing to actually show off this album and missing an important member who worked on and recorded it.
What likely makes matters worse is that they seemed to have finally found themselves again with this album. Yes, Imaginaerum was a masterpiece and I have said so at the time, but it was nevertheless different, while on Endless Forms Most Beautiful they seemed quite lost, at least from my point of view, heading in directions I didn’t care to follow, so it was only with this album that Nightwish truly seemed to be Nightwish again, for the first time since Once, and such a change, which is likely to affect them more than their previous changes of lead vocalist that so many still focus so much on, is likely to greatly destabilize them again. But I guess we’ll see what the future will bring…


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