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New Finds – XXXII

This will be another quick post in this series, and it’ll start with a band I never thought I was going to include in one: Evanescence. They’re obviously not a new find, as I must have heard of them around the same time I first heard of Nightwish, and they’re better known than them as well, overall, so I doubt I need to add anything about the band here. However, on the one hand the current Evanescence isn’t exactly the one from back then, and on the other, they just released a new album. As such, the first pick, Part of Me, is from it, but then I just have to go back to the old Evanescence and the original version of My Immortal as the second.

The second band, Vrylnia, is an actual new find, and their more recent release is just a single, Absolution, which will therefore be the first pick. They do, however, have an EP as well, and from it I’ll go with Silent Memories. Their other songs can be, if I may use the term, messy, sounding much worse than I see they’re capable of sounding because of poor songwriting and even what appears to be a lack of understanding of their strong points, but they kept it simpler for this one and that allowed them to show more of what they can actually do and what caught my interest, while the new single shows that they’re starting to learn to keep it together when they aim for some more variety and complexity as well.

As for the third band, Volturian, it’s one of the Italian ones with recent releases that I was saving for another post dedicated to them, but even though I’ve been adding quite a few posts in this series again, mainly as a somewhat easy way to create slots for more personal posts, there keep being other bands that I’d rather include, that post keeps getting delayed as a result and their album was released just under a year ago, so two weeks from now they won’t qualify for it anymore. Initially meant to have one of the two songs that were released earlier, as singles, as one of the picks, but both of those have growls, so I’ll just pick two out of the other three that are officially posted, going with Haunting Symphony and In a Heartbeat. What’s odd about the latter is that it features the vocalist of Frozen Crown and she sounds a fair bit better than she usually does in her own band, so her husband, who’s behind both bands, might want to figure out how that happened and use the same method there. But, to return to Volturian, they have a pretty commercial sound and are nothing to write home about in general, and I warned you about those growls on some songs, but they also have their moments, a better vocalist making it easier for that to happen than in Frozen Crown’s case, to also return to the comparison…


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