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New Finds – XXXIII

Don’t need another non-personal post just now anymore, but do need a first post of the week, to give myself some more time to write the personal one, and another addition to this series is still the easiest solution I can come up with, especially when I do have an actual new find to start with. That’s Dim Crimson, who released their first EP at the end of 2020. I’ll just pick one song from it, however, that being Dissolution, which strikes me as much better than the others. That may well be a matter of personal preference, having to do with the somewhat different overall sound, the somewhat different genre it can fall under, but at least for me it was the clear choice and what made me pay attention to them. The second pick, on the other hand, is Lost, which is their first original release and not included on this EP, so it may be somewhat rough, but it shows where they were at the time and allows me to avoid picking two songs from the same album.

Moving on, it seems that I put off including one of the bands I had marked as having a recent release for too long and said release is now more than a year old, so if I’m to skip it and also the remaining Italian bands I had marked, I’m down to just two more marked bands. The first, Worlds Beyond, definitely deserves a place in such a post, however, the way what is now their most recent video looks being what kept making me skip over them so far. So, since they officially uploaded three songs, I’ll make it easy for myself again and just skip that one and pick the other two, Moonlight and Winterstorm. The vocals are nice, there are parts that catch my attention for other reasons as well, and overall I find myself interested in listening to the whole album at some point, at least to see whether the other songs are at the same level.

As for the last remaining band I had marked, that’s ETWAS, and things are quite different when it comes to them. Since they just have one song uploaded separately, Semblant of Mercy, I’ll let their choice be my first pick, but for the second I’ll go with On the Edge of a Reawakening, and the reason for picking it is that the structure and sound reduce the impact of the poor vocals to some extent. The vocals are definitely their weak point, however, and that’s the very good reason why I’ve been skipping over them. To be fair, at this point, unless they’ll improve this aspect significantly, they shouldn’t be in such a post, but now that I’m at the end of the list I had prepared for such quick posts, I’ll throw them here as well, as the third band, and get it over with.


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