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MilkyWay@home Issues and Another Rushed Sunday Update

The plan for today was to write another “New Finds” post, since dad had said he’ll be away most of the day, but after I started eating at 3:15 AM last night, around 4:20 AM, when I was finishing, I checked my e-mail and saw one from him, telling me he won’t be leaving anymore, and instead will stay here and cook, and also asked me to take some things out of the freezer for him, so instead of checking the things I usually check on-line, I spent 20 minutes taking most of the things out of the freezer and then putting them back, since what he had asked for wasn’t there, so I just placed some other things I thought he might be able to use in front of the rest. This obviously means I can’t stay on-line today in order to search for bands and listen to songs, and it’s a good thing I had one more “slot” for a personal post, so I can just throw this here as the week’s second post.
Then again, I really should start reading if I want to have any chance to finish Capital in the Twenty-First Century without needing to extend it, so the plan is to do that this evening, since I won’t be doing anything else… And can’t play Bound by Flame either, since MilkyWay@home has been down since Friday and it’s not expected to be back up before Monday, so I had to grab a little more work from Africa Rainfall Project again, which means I have no RAM to spare, even browsing being an issue if I have more tabs open.
Will definitely need to start next week with a non-personal post now, so maybe that will get me to write that review for Venetica, but let’s see what happens. I sort of have a first paragraph for it, but that’s not really about the game and I have over 900 words of notes to arrange and expand into a proper review, so it’ll likely be another long one and if I’ll also need to spend a few hours per day reading, it doesn’t look good. But there’s always the option of another “New Finds” post, so if I’ll get to Friday without being at least close to finishing that review, I’ll resort to that again… And I may do that even if I will post that review, the personal post covering the whole week likely taking too long to write on Sunday, or at best over the weekend.


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