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Bucharest Back in the Red

Though it passed the threshold of three cases per one thousand people on Wednesday, it was only yesterday, meaning Friday, that a meeting was held to decide that Bucharest will enter the “red” scenario from midnight. And even that took many hours, since the desire was to postpone such a decision until Monday, obviously because PNL’s congress, where the party’s president was to be elected, was taking place this morning. But eventually, as I already mentioned, the decision applied from midnight… Not that it does that much, considering how many things are still allowed and the numerous exceptions that pretty much mean that if all participants are vaccinated there are hardly any real restrictions, the problem being that requiring the certificate for so many things means that, first of all, people are tracked at a level likely never seen before. And I also wonder how they should call the next levels, if three per one thousand is already “red” and there are other thresholds at six and 7.5, and there also used to be one at four, though the measures intended for that level were moved up, to only apply once the number of cases reaches six per one thousand people, just before the large cities would have been affected.
Either way, the current situation, with only a handful of intensive care beds left and most counties having none, would require some serious measures and I’m not seeing anything of the sort, and for me personally the current ones mean that nothing will change. Maybe something more significant will happen next week, after that congress, but probably not, since it was clear from the beginning that they had decided to hold off any real measures until that threshold of six will be reached, even though Romania’s low vaccination rate and the overall health of the population mean that the total number of cases isn’t at all decoupled from the number of serious cases and that of deaths, so increasing the threshold, and by so much as well, only ensures that things will be even worse than before. But I guess it won’t be long until we’ll get there, with the way things are going.


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