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The EU Finally Asks for Reduced Gas Use… In the Wrong Ways

Even though only two weeks ago the European Union was giving such a nice gift to Russia, and to various other countries and corporations that gain profits, power and influence by destroying the world, by labeling gas as “green”, it now seems that enough officials have finally realized the extent of the Russian threat well enough to demand a reduction in gas use. Sadly, while such a call does finally go a step further than trying to obtain the gas from other sources, this is still done strictly in order to mitigate the effects of Russia possibly cutting off the gas supply, the decision not even “merely” ignoring the environment, which should have been the main reason behind it, but actually harming it by stating clearly that returning to coal is among the possible solutions!
When, and what, will finally be enough to make people wake up? And yes, I’m referring to people in general, because the officials are quite clearly correct when they say that not returning to the use of more and worse fossil fuels will cause unrest, because “people worry most about the immediate crisis and not about the long-term crisis”. And there’s always an immediate crisis, or more than one. Not that it’s even needed, since it’d be even more accurate to say that people don’t think about the long-term, which is how we ended up here. After all, what we’re seeing now is the result of what was done, or not done, decades ago… And what we do, or don’t do, now decides what will happen for decades to come. But even now, when we’re at best seconds from disaster, too few care enough to impose the necessary changes.
What would it take for enough people to finally realize that we can’t do this anymore? That we can’t keep burning fossil fuels. That we can’t keep polluting the air, water and soil. That we can’t keep depleting the soil. That we can’t keep wiping out the other species we share, or should be sharing, this planet with. That we can’t keep digging up materials, not caring for the impact. That we can’t keep overexploiting even supposedly renewable resources. That we can’t keep overproducing and overconsuming. That we most definitely can’t keep overpopulating. That we can’t keep supporting this economic system that destroys both the planet and people’s lives for profit. That all of this is our choice, our decision, our fault, our responsibility… But also, if it’s not too late already, our chance to fix everything, and in so doing redeem ourselves.


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