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Seems Like the SLS Is Not Ready for Use…

I was definitely hoping to make this week’s first post, the non-personal one, about what should have been the actual start of the Artemis Program, at least because it finally aims to take humans beyond Earth once again, even if it only means returning to where we obviously could already go over half a century ago and the methods and spacecraft used are so far from anything that’d actually be desirable that it’s questionable whether they could even be considered tolerable at the present time. But it’s quite clear that NASA has for some reason attempted this test flight too early, the Space Launch System obviously not being ready for actual use. I mean, scrubbing the first launch attempt wasn’t that surprising, but scrubbing the second attempt as well, also for technical problems, raises an increasing number of questions. And the fact that the problem was a different one only makes things worse, since it means that there are multiple failures that weren’t noticed in time… Or maybe they were but those who raised the warnings were ignored and somebody decided to push ahead and hope that things will be solved in time. After all, it’d hardly be the first time that happens


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