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Another Week of Odds and Ends from September

Since an NGO and Kaufland had a campaign on September 16, offering a card for public transport in exchange for five items brought to Kaufland’s recycling machines, and dad said that he could use it, I went out at 3:20 PM, taking a banana peel, which I threw in a bin. I had five kefir bottles, five oil bottles and five that I was certain would be accepted, plus a glass bottle, and I expected long lines, but I didn’t see anyone when I got there, the guy from the NGO just sitting in front of the machine and chatting with the guard. So I asked whether those white kefir bottles are accepted and was told that they are, so I put those in, keeping the rest. The guy told me that I could put more in, but they were only offering one ticket per person and I had no use for the regular discount ticket that was being given by Kaufland those days, so I said that I’ll use them some other time, then gave my name and phone number when he asked me to, signed and received the card with two trips.
When I meant to put the bag with the rest of the bottles in a cabinet, another guy came and stood behind me, so I stepped aside to let him retrieve his things and wanted to move to another cabinet, wondering whether he was referring to himself or to me, or maybe to something else entirely, when he kept muttering “stupid”. Either way, that other cabinet that I tried wouldn’t lock, so after he left I got back there and put that bag in the one which I had initially meant to use, and also finally put on the mask at that point. And then I unnecessarily went to the information desk, handing the regular discount ticket, which the recycling machine had also printed, to the employee, forgetting that you only need to do that if the machine doesn’t offer the discount because of an error, so she gave me an odd look and then explained that. Not that I had any use for that ticket anyway, since I wasn’t going to buy products from the category that it applied to those days, so I have no idea why I did it at all.
Either way, I grabbed a few things, including something for dad that was listed as being on a two for the price of one deal in the catalog but which had no sign announcing that on the shelf. Since an employee was placing discount labels on spoiling fruits and vegetables at that point, I waited for a while, but I couldn’t see anything interesting after she was done, so I then made my way to the self-checkout, having no problems with it, that two for the price of one deal also being detected correctly.
After retrieving what I had in the cabinet, I also went to Carrefour, despite feeling quite a pressing need. And cabinets were a problem there as well, since I could just spot two free ones and they wouldn’t lock, so it was a good thing that someone else emptied another and I could use that one. Either way, I just grabbed some garlic, since it was on sale and did actually look like it was Romanian, plus some good cornmeal from the expiring products, and had no problems with the self-checkout. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet, rushed to arrange them a little and got back here a couple of minutes before 5:30 PM, hurrying to take care of that pressing need.

On September 19, I went out at 7:35 PM, taking the recyclables, which I dropped off in a bin on the way to Carrefour, where I found that bread that I get from there unsliced, so I took the one that seemed to look the best. The bag was torn, but I might have accidentally torn it, and I used labels to hold it closed. Then, after getting one thing for dad as well, I used one of the two vouchers which I had obtained for previous purchases, the cashier taking away that receipt.
After getting water for dad and some expiring roes from Penny and not bothering to use a cabinet, I did put everything in a cabinet when I got to Kaufland, then peed and washed my hands and entered the store at 9:15 PM, seeing bakery discounts and grabbing a few things. I also asked the employee whether an evening discount applied to a sweet pastry that had a regular discount those days and she scanned it and said that it didn’t, but seconds later a 75% discount was announced for bakery products, so I went to a self-checkout to check and saw that the 75% discount applied to the listed price for everything, so to the price that included that initial evening discount for the products that had one, and I went back and grabbed some more things. I’d have also wanted potatoes, carrots and plums, all of them having evening discounts, but just after I got the potatoes, as I was weighing them, an employee took away the crates of carrots, even though I checked the time and it was just 9:43 PM. And then he also took away the remaining potatoes, so I wouldn’t have been able to get both if I’d have started with the carrots either. But I wasn’t going to also miss the plums, so I went there and started picking, and an older woman who had just entered the store joined me as I was doing so, saying that she had expected them to stay open until 11 PM.
As I was about to finish using the self-checkout, a guy came to stand next to me, telling another one that he’ll use that machine, and when I told him that it won’t work until I’ll pick up all of my items he said that he knew that, which made me start to panic and rush too much, only realizing after walking away that I didn’t have the receipt, and when I looked I saw that it wasn’t on the machine either, so I asked him whether I had taken it and he said that I hadn’t even taken my change. In fact, I had taken what the machine had given me, but it apparently hadn’t given everything at once, releasing the last two bills after I took the others, and since I didn’t count and was also rushing so much, I didn’t notice. But it’s a good thing that it doesn’t release the receipt until you take all of the bills given as change, and that guy didn’t steal them, so I went back for those bills and the receipt, then stopped next to a free machine and checked everything, the announcement that the store had closed coming while I was doing that. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet, found a way to somehow carry everything out and then stopped at the first table, taking my time to arrange the purchases and walking away at 10:10 PM.
There was a stray dog on the sidewalk on the way back, and it was barking quite angrily, but no cars were passing at that time, so I walked on the street in order to give it a wide berth. And I also went into the nearby Mega Image, leaving the bag with the water next to the cabinets and getting some onions. I checked the weight at an unmanned checkout and had the exact amount ready when I went to a manned one, but that one listed a slightly higher weight, yet as I started digging through my pockets for the difference, the cashier said that what I had given her was fine.
I got back a few minutes after 11 PM, having to wait a little at the door, since dad had also just gotten back and apparently rushed straight to the toilet, leaving his keys in the door. I had carried 17 kg, without including the onions, and what was strange was that my left ankle, and also some muscles from that leg, which had given me some serious warnings on the first part of the walk, at least until I reached Penny, got much better after that, when I was carrying all of that weight. But that weight was probably why my legs were burning again, and they continued to do so over the following days. Either way, I put the purchases in their place and ate some plums, a piece of a delicious pie brought by dad two days earlier and lunch. It was almost 12:40 AM when I went to shower, but I was quick, being out again right at 1 AM and also sticking to the dinner schedule.

On September 21, I went to the family doctor, leaving at 2:30 PM… And finding myself on the way to the metro station, only realizing it as I was about to take the second turn on that route, so I lost a little time, but I still got there a couple of minutes before 3 PM, which was the time of my appointment. Many people were there at that point, and while the rest were quite clearly waiting for another doctor, one was sitting on that bench, right in front of my family doctor’s door, so I assumed that she was waiting for her and didn’t say anything, just trying to read a little more, since I had once again taken the book with me, even though it was hard to pay attention when those other people kept arguing and trying to push ahead of each other. However, when another person came to my family doctor, asked who was the last person waiting for her and I said that I was, it was revealed that I was actually the only one, since that woman was also waiting for that other doctor, despite sitting quietly on the bench while pretty much everyone else was crowding and arguing a couple of steps away. So I knocked and poked my head in, but was told to wait a little longer and that I’ll be invited, so I put the book away and waited for what turned out to be a few more minutes, maybe even about five minutes, until it was just about 3:10 PM.
To make sure that I won’t forget, I first asked for something that dad needed, and then also for the prescription for the iodine pills for myself, since our authorities were providing them to everyone under 40, just in case. But I was mainly there for her to look over my test results, and dad had scanned and e-mailed all of them to her, so including those from 2021, which he had finally managed to find. However, it wasn’t just that she hadn’t looked at them already, but she couldn’t even find that e-mail at that point, asking whether I also had them on my phone, or if I could call dad and ask him to send them again. So I told her that my phone can’t be used for that and I don’t even have an active credit, and I also hadn’t taken those results with me, despite having considered it, since there was a chance of rain and I didn’t want to risk getting them wet when she should have had them in that e-mail. So she called dad, and he was fortunately running late, so even though he had been supposed to leave at 3 PM, she apparently caught him just as he was walking out the door and he rushed to turn the computer back on and send everything again.
I made some occasional comments while she looked through those results, and when she eventually asked how I was feeling I said that I felt fine, but my running times show that something’s obviously not fine and, with the marathon two and a half weeks away, the slight anemia shown by those latest test results is a worse problem than it might otherwise seem, since I want to complete it in less than four hours and, if I had obtained my best time over ten kilometers just before getting COVID-19, I wasn’t getting anywhere since then. She then asked whether I run because I like it or because I’m in some program, and when I said that I’m not in any program and you can’t like running over 30 km, because it hurts, so I do it because I started and want to keep it up and set targets, she seemed amazed by those 30 km and didn’t even seem to know the distance of a marathon. And when I mentioned the long practice run, she asked how many hours it had taken me and again seemed amazed when I told her. Either way, I then said that, since my latest test results are surprisingly good but still reveal a slight anemia, I’d just want a prescription for that iron which had been prescribed to me after being hospitalized at Coltea and asked whether it was subsidized, but she checked and said that it was only subsidized for children, so she wanted to prescribe something else that was subsidized for adults. But I said that I’ll stick to what I know, and what worked, and that it’s not that expensive anyway, especially compared to iron supplements, so she prescribed it after all, albeit just one box, so for 15 days. And she also added some multivitamins on the prescription, but I decided against getting those, sticking to what I had taken alongside that iron the first time as well.
I was out of the office at 3:35 PM… And again went the wrong way, meaning to go in one direction and finding myself on the way to get back here. And I didn’t want to just turn around, so I kept going for a while, making my way to Kaufland when I could do so without actually turning back. Then, after having a quick look in that sports store, I washed my hands… And found myself wondering what I had meant to get from there, being about to just leave when I saw some catalogs, grabbed one, looked through it and remembered that I wanted beets. However, just four were left and none of them were actually good, but the two small ones were acceptable and I decided to grab them even if I was going to go out again in the evening, so I won’t risk being left without. And the self-checkout machine apparently decided to give me another 0.10 RON coin instead of a 0.01 RON one as change.
After throwing the beets in the backpack, I checked a Mega Image on the way to Tei, putting my things in a cabinet and then retrieving them, without getting anything. And I left getting that iron for another time as well, since there was a long line at Tei and, after waiting for a little while, I checked the time, saw that it was 5:05 PM and decided to walk away. Then, after pointlessly checking that Mega Image as well, once again putting my things in a cabinet and then retrieving them, I checked Supeco for spoiling vegetables without actually entering, just looking from the door and turning around when I didn’t see any. And I didn’t get anything from Carrefour either, but at least I no longer bothered to use a cabinet when I went there. However, I had a look in this nearby Mega Image as well and among the spoiling fruits and vegetables I found a bag containing four cucumbers, three of them small, and they seemed good, so I bought them. I didn’t get a receipt, so I’m not sure whether the cashier charged me for the bag but then rounded down the price or didn’t charge for the bag but rounded it up.
I got back at 5:55 PM, put everything away, had watermelon and lunch, and left again at 7:50 PM, taking the watermelon peel and throwing it in a bin. However, I wasn’t sure where I actually wanted to go, so I stopped for a moment at the corner and eventually decided to go to Carrefour Mega Mall, finding two nicer yogurts among the expiring products and getting one. Then, after having a look in a bookstore, I also went to that location of the pharmacy which I had decided to get the supplements from. I couldn’t pick them up directly, needing to order them first, but I wanted to ask about the iron as well. However, after getting an order ticket and taking my place in line, I changed my mind and left, even though only a couple of people were ahead of me. Then I went to that Kaufland, washed my hands and entered without bothering to use a cabinet, not finding any green onions but finding plenty of beets, so I got some more of those, plus three small Kapia peppers. Those were still expensive despite having an evening discount, but I decided to go for it. Then I wandered around while waiting for 9:45 PM, but the discount didn’t increase, so I eventually used the self-checkout, having no problems. And then I decided to check that Mega Image as well, putting my things in a cabinet and finding a discounted bread that seemed interesting. I picked it up, tried to find the ingredients in that “book” that they have, put it back when I couldn’t, but eventually decided to get it after all, for dad. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet and took some time to arrange everything in the backpack.
I got back at 10:45 PM, put the purchases in their place, ate something sweet, washed what dad had left, and it was about 11:45 PM when I went to the toilet and to shower. I was done an hour later, but after dealing with dad’s bread, and also with the one which I had bought for myself two days earlier, and since I also ended up paying too much attention to the TV, I ended up starting to eat dinner at 3:20 AM, finishing at 4 AM. And I also banged my head quite hard against the corner of the exhaust hood after taking the beets out of the oven. In addition, the pain which I had started to notice around my appendix after eating mamaliga the previous night was still there, but over the following days it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t something to worry about.


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