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Silly me. Apparently they put it there from the beginning and I didn’t know Home was on YouTube until today.
I’d strongly encourage everyone to see it, because it’s truly impressive. Of course, it’ll only have the desired effect on those who are already aware of the problems and trying to do something to solve them, because any such campaign bounces right off the rest. It does focus on humans and on how what we’re doing to the Earth comes back and bites us in the ass, not so much on the environment itself (which is why I’m filing this post in “Society” and not “Environment“), which is not the approach I like to see, but it could be helpful in getting the point across. Still, it hardly has any real shock value, so I doubt it’ll make much of a difference, but such campaigns usually don’t so that’s nothing new and, again, the film itself is impressive.
There’s little else to say about most of the film. It shows the wounds that our cities, plantations and exploitations create upon the Earth and how many people suffer because of it. It shows the short sightedness of our development plans and of “civilization” as a whole. It shows the contrast between the majesty of Nature and our inefficient, stupid and harmful methods. It left me speechless, made me have goose bumps and occasionally caused a few tears to appear in my eyes. If I could cry while alone, I would have cried…
The final part bothered me though. Considering how things are going, it seems too late to be anything else… Not to mention that some of the methods presented there as solutions aren’t solutions at all and the others are far from enough. That optimistic note at the end seems to dilute the message and worries me a little. But it doesn’t make the rest of the film any less impressive or any less worth watching.
Who knows, maybe it could even have a little impact, as highly unlikely as that is.


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