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New Games Make Time Fly

That gaming magazine came to the rescue again. This month, I saw it came with Drakensang: The Dark Eye, which was on my list, so I asked dad to buy it. Let’s just say that I don’t know how the hours flew by after I started playing it, despite the fact that it’s a gaming system I have to learn from scratch and that the game itself has some pretty serious flaws which are even more infuriating as they actually seem to be “features” implemented on purpose. I’ll see if I’ll still like it later on and if I’ll manage to finish it, but expect a review if I do.
This reduces the chance of following through with that plan of mine that should start next week or the week after that, but I didn’t think it likely anyway and at least this way I’ll have an excuse. The result’s the same, but not doing what I was thinking I should do because I’m interested in playing a game seems to beat not doing it, or anything else for that matter, simply because I can’t get myself started, at least from where I’m standing.

In other news, it seems that Nature is winning back what was lost when people cleared out this area behind the building. At this point it seems very unlikely that this horrendous fence will be covered again this year, but otherwise fresh green things are starting to cover that huge pile of dead branches and leaves and even that little tree that had its entire crown ripped away seems to survive, as it turned itself into something like a tall bush, with new branches and leaves sprouting all along the remaining trunk. I guess we’ll see next year if the gaping wound at the top will still kill it, by allowing parasites and diseases to affect it, but right now it seems like a real survivor.
Also, this sunset was particularly beautiful. Pity I can only see a little sky, and basically none of what would be the horizon… If it looked so nice even so, I can only imagine how it must have actually looked for anyone who could see it in all its glory.

As for the blog, I may be gathering some stuff for another music post, but that will likely also get delayed now that I have something I seem to actually want to do, depending on how long it’ll last… Otherwise, there should be another post about the World Cup early next week, though probably not on Monday, considering it’s July 12th…
I really want to write, you know? I feel like I have a lot to say, but just don’t have the skills or the drive for it. Sure, I’m not particularly talking about the blog anymore, but even writing good posts here again and actually having them flow instead of being forced out of me each and every time would go a long way and could perhaps help other things as well… But I don’t see that happening…


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