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A Virus and a Crash

Apparently that virus scan wasn’t so pointless after all, because it discovered something. Five things to be exact. And no, the two likely false positives it kept finding in recent months in a kit I’ve been keeping around for years are not included, because it finally decided to stop saying those are viruses. Two were just tracking cookies, which aren’t that uncommon, so that left three finds which apparently really were a trojan. Two separate versions of it too. But I’d rather not give its name here, to avoid the risk of pointing to myself as a potential target, in case some code would still be in effect. Those who are really interested could probably identify it from the description anyway.
Did some searches and it turns out that this is a new version, likely having first appeared in spring, of a virus that’s been around since 2003. When I looked it up on the BitDefender site, the threat level was listed as medium, but that was a generic page for any version of the virus. The sites that mentioned the new variants listed the treat level as critical, as it can supposedly download any file and execute any code by exploiting a Java vulnerability. And, while the original vulnerability has been patched many years ago, newer versions have found other methods, as some information I found on the Microsoft site listed it as affecting Java Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 10 and earlier.
Still, even that’s a pretty old version, as I had Update 20 since April and originally installed Update 16 back in October, after the failed HDD was replaced, as that was the current version at the time. Now I checked again and saw there has been one more update since then, so took the opportunity to install that as well. But, of course, I don’t know exactly which version was the Microsoft site referring to, as I found other information that said even Update 3 would protect you from it, so it obviously advances along with the environment it exploits, meaning that I’m very uncertain that I was in any way protected from its effects…

While over the years there have been a few things downloaded through file-sharing and several other trojans that I stumbled upon on various sites, all have been immediately flagged and blocked by BitDefender, so there hasn’t been a potentially active virus on my computer since I got CIH from a pirated copy of StarCraft: Brood War, way back then. All right, so that wasn’t just potentially active, but actually very active and I luckily noticed that something strange was going on and managed to get rid of it just before the date on which it was supposed to do the most damage. Either way, getting another after all this time makes me feel very inadequate, as if it actually managed to do anything it’d mean over ten years of “invincibility” coming to an end.
But I’m wondering where did I get it from and how come BitDefender didn’t block it from being downloaded in the first place, as I keep it with some pretty strict settings, including having it scan HTTP traffic, which is supposed to make it block infected sites and prevent malicious code from even being accessed by the browser in the first place, which is exactly what it’s been doing for the other potential trojans I happened to stumble upon in recent years. Some of the sites I checked listed it as being spread through casual games available on a certain popular social networking site, though the site wasn’t named, and I did play something with Susana on Facebook three weeks ago, just one day after the previous virus scan, plus that I looked through a few other games that night, which included at least one that took me to another site and at least two that used Java, one of them triggering my “potential threat sense” at the time. But by far the most likely source seems to be XTube, which you’ll have to excuse me for not linking to under these circumstances, as I’ve been poking around there again recently and I know for a fact that the site was infected with something at least at some point these days, because I got a message asking me to run or save an obvious trojan when I tried to enter one day. That made me raise an eyebrow towards BitDefender, as it didn’t block it, but eventually just hit cancel, closed the browser and didn’t try again for the next couple of days.
Now I’m pretty pissed that I had BitDefender delete the files in question before thinking to check them out and see where they had been downloaded from, or at least when. That would have answered the above question very easily and would have helped in the future, though it wouldn’t have done anything about my fears regarding any potential damage already done… But if anyone received any suspicious links apparently from me recently, do let me know, because I read that the virus tends to spread itself like that.

So now, especially after linking this to the unusual behavior noticed Saturday night, I’m extremely concerned about my computer and feeling extremely inadequate in pretty much every aspect. Which obviously brought about another crash, which isn’t helped at all by my other current and constant worries, the feeling that nearly everyone I know is in on a conspiracy against me because most have stopped talking to me recently, knowing that something’s still obviously wrong with me physically and not sleeping well at all even before all of this. For that matter, I woke up and started writing this after roughly two and a half hours of sleep…
And the heat’s no help either. I don’t usually notice that it’s hot until it gets to a reported temperature of 32°C, don’t have to particularly do anything to manage reported temperatures of up to 35°C and, with some care, usually managed up to 40°C quite well, but two weeks of reported temperatures of at least 33°C are starting to take their toll, especially considering the health concerns as well. I likely wouldn’t even notice a couple of days like this, but being just a little bit uncomfortable for yet another reason day after day tends to add up and eventually take its toll. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, as the forecast lists an average of 35°C for the next five days and usually still 32°C or over for all of next week as well.

Oh, and for some reason I thought to check again and found that apparently Elena G. took me off ignore on Facebook, because I could see the profile pictures at least… And one of those pictures, posted at the end of 2009, may explain why she’s been ignoring me, as it’s of her holding a baby. Now it may not be hers, and Ami was of the opinion that parents who hold their newborns don’t look like that, though she admitted to being far from the best judge when it comes to that, but it does point out a major difference of opinion when it comes to that crucial issue. So I may need to add another person to the list of those lost because of that, after Sarah and potentially also Liz. And, who knows, this may have something to do with why Jen’s been ignoring me as well, especially since I sent the angry messages I wrote after finding out that two Nightwish members were having even more children to her as well, plus a bitter comment regarding her mention of a loud three year old during her trip to Turkey, and in fact those are the only things I can think of that could have pissed her off after she came back from said trip, as I really don’t think I pressed her much about the reasons for her trip to London, no matter how much it worried me, and otherwise I only sent a few links…
Of course, all of this only serves to worsen my fears regarding Andra potentially having or adopting children, as that’s my constant main concern, being the only thing I’ll never tolerate from anyone, including her, under any circumstances, meaning it’s the only thing that would make even fake hope impossible and truly leave me with nothing at all to potentially look forward to. That’d sure be a case of already being hurt even worse but not being aware of it yet…


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