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New Beginnings

Cav’s Place is dead; long live Cav’s Place! This time sitting nicely in its own home and no longer depending on people who could, and did, throw it away like a worn rag…

Please update your links, as I will need to do the same with those placed inside posts. Which will be a very tedious task, as there are hundreds of them, if not over a thousand, but I guess it has to be done. Let’s just hope that a search for the old address will return all posts that have links to it, so I’ll just need to take it from there. Changed posts as far back as June and there seem to be 118 of them left to modify. Don’t expect them to be updated right away though, as this is not a priority. But at least I’m putting in the links properly now, so another move won’t require a similar process.
If you notice any problems other than broken links inside posts, please let me know immediately. Thanks in advance.

The plan would be to eventually create a larger site and have the blog be just a part of it, so it’ll at least make some sense to have my own domain and a hosting package. But don’t hold your breath for that, because I highly doubt I’ll even start planning it this year. There could be one other project started in the next few months, but that’s pretty much it.

Otherwise, I expect the tremendous majority of visitors will still be looking for the Perfect World International Information Dump page, which is why it’s getting a link right here. For anything else, I guess you’ll need to wait for search engines to learn the new address…

Edit: This is strange. Apparently if I replied to someone’s comment very shortly after they posted it my comment now shows up before the one I replied to. Can get confusing…


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