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Sunday Update… Again

I’m running out of potential titles for these posts, but there you have it. Yes, it’s yet another personal update posted despite having two non-personal posts that I’d really want to write these days and two more that I probably should write if I could just hold on to a suitable mindset for some hours. But we all know that’s not going to happen, so you just get this instead. At least I have a fair number of things to say, seeing as there have been various new developments, those I’ll mention here even being positive for once, though of course not entirely so.

One of the good developments is that my new UPS can indeed operate at over 250V, though it may actually stop charging the battery at such a time. I’m saying this because it said I got slightly over 250V for about an hour and a half yesterday morning, after I went to bed, and it obviously didn’t switch to battery mode. Yet when I checked the data I saw the battery voltage go from 13.4V to 13.2V during that time, which was the listed voltage when I first turned it on, taking some two days before it fully settled at 13.4V afterwards. Perhaps the additional 0.2V is due to the electricity passing through the fully charged battery, so I guess it could work as a test then. When I get over 250V I’ll check to see if the battery drains itself when it no longer has power flowing through it, which may just provide me with an early warning of an imminent failure, so I won’t be caught off guard yet again… Then again, it may also mean it’ll fail sooner, but since the last one did so only two months after the warranty expired I hope that won’t be the case. I mean, it really shouldn’t be any sooner than that!

In other news, dad bought a laptop and a multifunction printer and added a new DVD drive for me to his order as well, so now I finally have a working one again. My case looks weird with it in, however, because the top panel that hides the optical drive in this case is not removable, so with a bit of force you can push the drive in from behind, but you can’t exactly pull it back out the same way. That means I had to leave the old one in and install this one in another slot, which is no longer hidden behind such a panel, so now I have a silver drive on an otherwise white case. (Why’s it silver instead of white then? Because the shop he got the other things from had no white models in stock. In fact, this was the only one that wasn’t black!)
Yet the problems didn’t stop there, because the things used to hold the cables together inside the case seem to have gotten stuck, so I wasn’t able to free a power cable for the new drive, which was needed because the old one was IDE and therefore I couldn’t use its cable for this. I struggled for a long time and nothing worked, but eventually managed to twist the whole bunch of cables around enough to get one of them to go in the back of the new drive without freeing it. Then, after several failed attempts to squeeze my fingers through and plug in the SATA cable for the new drive without removing anything else, all that was left was removing the video card, the HDD’s SATA cable and the ATA cable so far used for the old DVD drive and then putting them all back in after I added the new cable to the mix as well. But at least all that mess gave me the opportunity to have a better look at why my case has been vibrating so much whenever it was allowed to cool and I seem to have somehow managed to fix that problem, so all’s well that ends well…
The drive itself was some 12 RON more than a white one with similar characteristics was at the shop I preferred, and dad also paid slightly more for the laptop and the multifunction printer compared to what he would have paid if he would have gotten them from this shop I so far still like, and either way I’d wish to support this shop and try to avoid the one he bought these things from if I can help it, but there you have it. It’s not like there was any point in getting the laptop he got anyway. I knew he wanted to replace the old one and had pointed out a nice offer to him, but he didn’t listen. The one I picked was passable as far as performance went, at least for what they’ll be using it for, but the price it had really made it worth buying at this time. However, he looked more carefully through the offers and picked one that was almost 20% cheaper and, to someone who didn’t quite know what to look for, seemed almost identical in performance… Only, of course, it’s noticeably weaker in practice, not to mention that it comes with only one year of warranty, while the one I picked had two. But I guess that’s his problem. I just feel bad for getting a silver drive instead of a white one and not supporting that shop I’d have wanted to support.

Last but not least, the hacking attempts seem to have died down, though I have noticed a few more that seemed to actually be people trying to log on after the scripts stopped. I am attracting trolls, however, and they still seem to be rather, shall we say, dedicated. That one also visited this blog and went through certain parts of it for several days before posting that comment.

I’ll leave it at that for now. For the past two days I’ve once again been slacking off a little when it comes to writing something else as well, so let’s see what I’ll manage to do later today…


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