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Green Warriors: Still 103 too Many…

As anyone interested should know by now, the Japanese whalers announced their worst result since the start of their annual “scientific” campaign, namely that they only managed to kill 103 minke whales out of their self-allocated quota of 935 minke, 50 fin and 50 humpback whales. Obviously, they blamed Sea Shepherd for this, which is one more reason for the rest of us to thank them for a job well done despite the difficulties they faced after the whalers finally managed, after many years of trying, to find some judges sympathetic to their cause, or perhaps to their bribes, in Costa Rica, Germany and the United States.
Still, as Sea Shepherd’s official statement says, one whale killed is one whale killed too many, so 103 is definitely 103 too many. Worse, 103 is even higher than their initial worst-case estimate of 100, which was later revised down by Paul Watson, to 75. Yet it is under 10% of the total quota and clearly their best result so far, the previous record being 17%, which once again proves that they’re far more effective than any negotiations, Japan having previously agreed to halve their quota if other countries would prevent Sea Shepherd from interfering. Even better, this success comes during the campaign that required the most funds and effort on Japan’s part, which should generate some encouraging reactions from the Japanese public.
Of course, the war is probably far from over and Sea Shepherd’s situation is worrying, seeing as Sea Shepherd USA is now legally forbidden from participating in the next campaign in any way and Paul Watson is a wanted man who’ll need to stay in hiding and away from any official position in the organization. The first issue will cause serious problems when it comes to funding, since the vast majority of donations were obtained by Sea Shepherd USA, so please donate to Sea Shepherd Australia if you are willing and able to do so. The second will create leadership and public image problems, not to mention the fact that, also taking his age into account, Watson’s health may seriously be at risk as a result. Still, with their hard work and our firm support, we can definitely win this, even if it’ll take a few more years!


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