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Another Protest, a Ban and a Sad Mistake

I’ll continue the series of short posts, which seem to become the rule lately, because I have some catching up to do and more events seem to be happening even now. Besides, if I’m to write any significant amount today, my story is waiting for me, seeing as I keep failing to achieve even my own pitiful goals when it comes to that and last night was one of the worst ever since I started writing in it in terms of what I managed to add. And then there’s this week’s second post to think about and somehow try to get myself in the mood to write over the weekend.

After recovering enough from the cold to do so, I attended yesterday’s protest and can say that, from the point of view of making the cause visible and showing our support for it, everything turned out quite fine. Of course, having pretty much every faction and every known figure that had any sort of visibility during last year’s protests attend, there were bound to be conflicts despite the common cause that brought them all there, but it was managed reasonably well and the only moment that was actually heated was when Remus Cernea, who decided to attend despite obviously being unwanted, was challenged by Alex and offered a chance to explain himself. As expected, he failed to do that and only earned himself some 15 minutes of openly hostile shouts and chants.
The unpleasant surprise was waiting for me when I got back, when I noticed that I had been banned from our Green Party’s Facebook page as well, most probably because of the last message I had posted there, in which I was saying that I personally expect Green Party members to attend, with the exception of Cernea, though I also stated that I might be able to just curse him out mentally if he will decide to attend after all. But I learned that our Greens used yesterday as a chance to suspend or even kick out some members that stayed close to the activists all along instead of fully backing this dreadful alliance Remus arranged with USL, so there are worse problems there…

Otherwise, two days ago I made a mistake that will haunt me for quite some time to come, because my mind was extremely scattered all day and I somehow “managed” to completely forget to do the click to donate thing on Care2. I must have opened the site, then either closed it accidentally and then noticed that the tab was no longer open and just assumed that I had done everything already, or closed the browser for some reason and forgot to open all the tabs again afterwards. The problem with that is that they now track the number of consecutive days you click and give some more credits when you hit certain thresholds, plus that I was getting a few more each day from people sending green stars to all those who show up in the daily clickers list, so by missing that one day I lost all that and from now on it’ll take that much longer to earn enough to pick what other little donation I want to make.


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