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Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time!

Over here, clocks were set forward one hour last night, which of course made me think of this again. Seriously, even if it might have had some purpose at some point in time, there’s currently little excuse for setting the clocks forward and back like this, but the negative consequences of doing so remain. In fact, considering how connected our society currently is, how much people travel these days, the role computers and other “smart” devices play in our lives, such negative consequences probably increase in significance every year, and will continue to do so for as long as we’ll manage to continue on the path of development.
The original purpose was reducing the amount of electricity used for lighting, wasn’t it? Well, today we have technologies that can achieve that goal much more efficiently, and other technologies that can generate electricity sustainably, so how about we leave behind such outdated concepts and get to work on what is actually effective? After all, daylight saving time is now little more than a cultural relic… Oddly, a cultural relic that is mainly observed in the Western world, which tends to take pride in being modern and at the forefront of development.
Still, before I end this, I want to point out that I’m quite aware that daylight saving time is also some sort of modern attempt of adjusting people’s schedules according to natural cycles, but the approach is wrong and the effects negligible overall. I’d be completely in favor of altering schedules according to the time of year, the weather and Nature in general, but such alterations should be much more significant and responsive to changing conditions, and they should actually take the form of changes in the “standard” schedules, not of claiming to control time. This last part may appear to be a small detail to some, but to me it’s one more proof of mankind’s arrogance.


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