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Late March Winter, a Cold and Annoyances

As in other places of the world as well, winter decided to return at the end of March here. In some parts of the country, I hear that people even had to tunnel through the snow, though here we barely got some ten centimeters and the winds were far from being as strong as originally thought. Still, it was some snow and, after spring pretty much started in early February, it felt as some small compensation and I couldn’t pass up the chance to at least go for a short walk yesterday. After all, the only time I actually like to simply be outside, albeit relatively briefly, is when there’s snow on the ground.
Today seems to be the last day of this cold period, however, as temperatures are supposed to even get past 20°C over the weekend. Unfortunately, it’ll get cooler again after a few days and apparently start to rain a fair amount, likely including on the day of the next scheduled protest against fracking, which will certainly have a negative effect on the turnout. Under these circumstances, I sure hope my cold will pass before then, because my throat has been very sore since yesterday and when I woke up today I had to take a while to make some room through the snot before I could breathe properly, meaning that I’ll find myself forced to sit this one out if this keeps up for a full week or even gets worse by then.

Meant to throw a few other personal updates in this post, but currently too pissed because of the new shit I noticed. I’m talking about having my Hotmail account, which has been my primary e-mail for the 15 years I’ve been on-line, forcefully “upgraded” to the Outlook.com look and features last night, leading me to wonder what to do if I really don’t want to be stuck with that crap, and also about Goodreads being bought by Amazon mere months after I had moved there from Shelfari largely just to stay on an independent site and get rid of Amazon’s influence.


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