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An Actual Quick Update…

My previous personal post was supposed to be a quick update but ended up long enough to make anyone reading the title wonder about my definition of the term, so this one will be different. After all, it’s once again Friday and this is the first thing I post here this week, so I just want to get it out of the way and then see what I’ll manage to write over the weekend. That should normally be the next “protest update”, but I’m not sure I’ll manage that.
Actually, since I mentioned the blog, I should probably let you know that a recent comment reminded me that I had removed Comic Sans from the list of fonts used by the rest of the site years ago, but apparently it was still the second one here, so fixed that now since it still seems to be such a fad to hate that font and what I see is the blog’s main one, Segoe Print, so don’t exactly care what the second choice is. And I definitely don’t care about the complaints about the background, while the fact that my blog looks like a site from the ’90s minus animated GIFs I’ll take as a compliment, so don’t expect that to change.

Moving on to the backlogs mentioned in that previous personal post, I can say that reply was submitted, so I hope there will be nothing else to do until the end of May, when the court date is set. In addition, at one point I was up to date with proofreading the new edition of Darkness Rising and I don’t plan to fall so far behind again, so I hope I’ll manage to go over this latest chapter I received later today as well. I also started reading Heiress of Healing and I should finish it by the end of the week, especially since it’s definitely better than I expected, although I’m beginning to have some concerns now that I moved past what I guess should be considered the first part.
On the other hand, I’m falling behind even more when it comes to my own story, as I’m adding less and less to it and that final section of part three is still waiting for me to go over it again, as are the three others finished since then, though these are at least short. And the second “death” scenario in Age of Wonders II is making me feel stupid, since the AI keeps pushing me back and, after over 100 turns, I’m far less concerned about finding a winning strategy as I am about somehow avoiding defeat. At least I won the scenario I was mentioning in that previous post, so I’m one step closer to finishing the game, but there’s a very real possibility of losing this one and needing to start it again, which hasn’t happened so late so far, my defeats only coming very early, when my wizard was either wandering the map or standing alone, or with very few defenders, in the only city with a tower.


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