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Reading, Writing, Adding… And a Failed Flash Drive

It’s Saturday evening, I haven’t posted anything here this week and don’t feel like writing now either, so this is just thrown here to count as a post. I’ll have to write something else tomorrow, obviously, but it may simply be something short about Ukraine, or perhaps even another very brief personal post which will largely say that I can’t get myself to say anything… Or it may be another “New Finds” post, but that would take time that I currently doubt I’ll put into it. Rants on other topics are pretty much out of the question, as they have been ever since I started writing about the protests, eight months ago.

It seems that this week was rather centered around books for me, as I read Crucible of Gold in all of three days, managed to stay just above what used to be my daily goal in terms of adding to my story for the past four days in a row, which probably hasn’t happened since the first half of September, and also actually added a few books on Goodreads. This last part is rather scary, but I still have at least 16 more to add, since I scanned the covers for all of them yesterday as well, so I’ll need to do that soon enough, to get them out of the way.
Now I was thinking to wait a week before starting Time of Contempt, so I’ll read it closer to the end of the month. That’s because the book fair will take place between May 28 and June 1 and Sapkowski may be one of the guests, Poland being the guest country. I’m not sure about that, however, since the main page about the guest country says so, but the actual news piece about the guests doesn’t, so it remains to be seen… And it also remains to be seen when I’ll actually be able to go, since on the 29th I’ll need to be elsewhere and do things I’m still trying to pretend will never happen, since just mentioning the date now almost made me need to run to the toilet. I think I need a break before continuing this…

Right. Managed to crawl back out from under the blanket and the title mentions a failed flash drive as well, so let me just quickly say that I’m referring to the one I bought five years ago to make a monthly backup of the important files that I won’t just be able to download or otherwise obtain again in case of a failure that will somehow affect both HDDs. This happened last week, a few days before it actually turned five, and I have no idea what caused it, but after seeming to copy everything there were a lot of errors while checking and it suddenly seemed to become read-only. The files appeared to have been written just fine and seem to still be readable, albeit with some difficulty, but I can’t write anything else to it and can’t format it either.

There may have been something else to say, but right now I just need to cry and want to cuddle with someone I care about even more than before and there’s no way either of those will happen, so I’ll leave it at that. It doesn’t look like I’ll be adding a fifth to those four days in a row I mentioned before either.


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