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New Finds – V

It’s been nearly 11 months since the previous such post and, despite saying yesterday that it’ll take time I doubt I’ll be willing to put into it, I’m going to try to write another. After all, my list of bands to look into more someday has grown to about 150 by now, and the number of those I know are good based on the songs I did listen to has increased significantly as well. My primary sources remain the Female Symphonic Metal and Power of Female Fronted Metal Facebook groups, related YouTube links or other sources accounting for only a few of the new additions, so I’ll once again recommend joining if you’re interested in the genre.

Let me start with Narwhal Tusk, which is a band that actually made it off that list in the good way after I listened to everything. The lyrics were a factor for me as well, and you can find them on their page on The Metal Archives, but if you want a specific song to listen to first, I’d probably point you to Everfall.
And since I’m at Russian bands, I’ll now also mention Dark Princess. They seem to have been around for ten years, but lost their original lead singer and founder in 2008 and have only released one album since then. However, this album is the reason I found them, seeing as I believe I first heard of the band after somehow stumbling upon The Temple of Darkness, while looking for a few of their older songs in English led to me moving on without as much as listening to one of them start to end. Fans seem bothered by the change, and the significant difference between the new and the old sound makes that completely understandable, but most of the newer songs I listened to seemed interesting to me and the old ones definitely weren’t.

Moving on, the most recent find, which I’m currently quite stuck on, is Dancing with the Ghosts by AngelSeed. They don’t exactly have other full songs available and the teasers you can find on their Reverbnation page don’t seem to be from the final versions of the songs in question either, but at least they’re quite long, as far as teasers go, and most sound interesting enough as well. Incidentally, they seem to be on something of a tour of the area this month, with concerts in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
Another recent find would be Elessär. I’m not exactly keen on most songs, but I first found them after somebody posted a link to their video for The Lonely Warrior’s Fate, which is nice enough, and My Soul, My Life may show something of what they can actually do as well. Either way, you can listen to everything on their YouTube channel, and in case you do like what you hear you can actually download their first, and so far only, album for free from their site.
And that name had to make me think of Arven next, though it’s spelled differently and unrelated. I can’t recall when I first stumbled into them and they’re working with a major label, so not the sort of band I usually include in such posts, but I guess that’s not a good enough reason to ignore them. As far as recent songs go, I’d probably recommend All I Got, but selecting a single song from their first album is harder, since I’m actually just listening to it for the first time right now, while writing this. Let’s just go with the title song and leave it at that, shall we?

As expected, this took far too long, seeing as I had to listen to plenty of songs and choose what to add, and I’m not even as excited about the bands I included as I was while writing the other posts in this series, but there you have it. There are still bands I never mentioned despite being very high on the list, plus plenty that I placed lower simply because they had only released one or two songs when I first listened to them, but many of those have been there for years, I’d have to look into them all over again before thinking of adding them to such a post and the fact that I don’t usually do that is the reason why the list exists in the first place.


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