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A First Sunday Update for 2014!

Managed to make it this far without a Sunday update this year, though I admittedly did even worse once, but now I’ll need to resort to one to get a second post this week. It will be a quick one, since it’s election day and I’ll be looking for some exit polls and conclusions as soon as the voting will end and I’m also keeping an eye on the event the United We Save movement decided to organize today, if only to be able to attack this whole idiocy even better.
In fact, the reason why I waited until Sunday to write something is that I kept meaning to get to work on the next protest update, going all the way to May 24, just to say I got to that point and allow myself to completely break away from this movement as of today, seeing as they did nothing but push even more firmly for a boycott of the elections, saying all politicians are the same and there’s nobody worth voting for despite the fact that 15 parties and eight independent candidates entered, two of those parties had their top candidates sign pledges to support the main environmental causes backed by this movement and one added pledges to support individual rights and liberties on top of that as well. Not to mention that there were at least a few others that may have been acceptable at least as ways to clearly vote against all parties that had a hand in the current situation.

The problem here is that the court date for contesting that fine is Thursday and there are seven of us set to appear in front of that judge that day, which probably means I will have a rather hard time, seeing as I’ve been very actively arguing against the known activists and anyone who takes their side for the past couple of weeks. As if I needed additional reasons to shit myself at the mere thought of that day, which I still can’t imagine going through under any circumstances. And, of course, I still have no idea what to do with my witness, what he could be useful for, nor do I know anything about any procedures or methods which may improve my chances.

At least my back seems to finally be getting better, because it started bothering me after I did something to it Tuesday and then, after also stretching to get the charger for my phone from under the desk later that day, the pain became terrible and I could hardly move at all. Tuesday evening and all of Wednesday were dreadful, to an extent I probably didn’t experience in years, and that also meant I didn’t quite remember what to do or how to best deal with the third day, when the pain greatly lessens but I must still act almost as if it’s still there if I don’t want it to return. As such, I guess I didn’t take it easy enough and lost myself two days, as Friday was bad again and yesterday I got sort of a second chance at a third day, which I at least made far better use of, so today the problem finally seems almost gone.

Otherwise, I’ll quickly add that, after getting to level 36 of The Lost Vikings shortly after writing the previous personal post, I made no further progress. Actually, after getting to the third phase of that level on the first attempt and then making a stupid mistake, I only even got as far as the second with all of them alive twice over the next 40 or so attempts, and never again to the third, so I pretty much gave up trying, at least for a while. And I didn’t even try to play anything else, so there has been no progress whatsoever on that front.
No progress when it comes to reading or writing either, as I still didn’t even start Time of Contempt, didn’t add any more of those books I wanted to add on Goodreads and didn’t go over any more of the finished sections in my own story. My writing is ten pages ahead of my checking at the moment and I have no idea how I’ll go over those, as I average about one hour per page when I do get around to it and usually tend to be crushed after two or so at a time, so each day that passes makes the very thought of trying to tackle the task more and more disheartening.


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