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World Population Day 2014

Today is World Population Day and, even though I have no intention of focusing on or even mentioning this year’s theme, I couldn’t miss the opportunity… Then again, I have missed it each year with the exception of 2008, the main reason probably being the date, considering what the next day is for me, but I had to write something this week anyway and this can’t hurt, right? After all, though the truly efficient methods will need to be harsh and not the result of debates or awareness campaigns, any opportunity can and should be used to point out the elephant in the room, the worst problem the world is facing, caused entirely by our behavior and extremely easy to fix if only enough people would actually use their brains to think instead of their gonads.

Actually, this year’s theme sadly seems to be quite a good example of, shall we say, insufficient brain usage, seeing as it represents the UN hijacking the purpose of its own event to sweep the issue of overpopulation and all the problems it causes under the rug. Not that I’m in any way surprised, mind you, knowing that the tremendous majority of people react with great hostility when the matter is brought up and that the way the UN works pretty much ensures that it can’t do anything that needs to be done, but even simply mentioning the usual necessary but laughably insufficient series of measures regarding voluntary family planning, accessible safe and effective birth control and sexual education would have still been something. Since I’m not even seeing that, I’ll say again that we’re talking about a hijacking of the event, changing the message into one that’s the opposite of what should be said on such a day, if you think about it for a moment.
The thing is that this year’s theme could have easily been connected with those issues, the difficult part being to justify picking such a focus without making this connection, but even the UNFPA Executive Director’s message barely squeezes a few words through. There’s no point in having a World Population Day if the focus is not the population, the numbers and problems that arise as a result, and from there on the reasons why it has reached such unsustainable levels and still continues to grow, and yet here they are, doing precisely that.

But there’s little point in paying any more attention to them. If we’re to have any chance of solving pretty much any environmental or social problem, to offer people as well as the other species we share this planet with a life that’s actually worth living, we need to drastically reduce the number of births so the population will return to a sustainable level in a reasonable amount of time, and those of us who can use our brains enough to realize this must do it on our own and by any means necessary. The tremendous majority of people will keep putting basic instincts above reason and vehemently oppose us at every turn and the powers that be, at any level, will not help… Though there may be some truth in the conspiracy theories saying that some ruthless individuals are trying to reduce the population by increasing mortality, because a large number of children and young adults are required to sustain the current model of overconsumption and wage slavery, while the old, sick or otherwise inconvenient are a burden for it, so we may have to fight those as well.


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