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Finishing All Adventures in The Witcher and Switching to G DATA

I’m writing this week’s first post so late because I meant to do it after finally managing to finish all adventures included in The Witcher, by which I mean the two “official” ones and the few others which I understand were added along with the 1.5 patch, and I only managed to finish the last one this evening, at 7:45 PM. At the start of the week I thought I might manage it Friday, or perhaps even as early as Thursday, but that didn’t quite work, and even completing this last one now took some effort, so if I wouldn’t have had to post something I’d have likely left it for tomorrow or even next week.
Of course, this means I now have to start thinking about writing the review, and that’s quite a scary prospect. It probably won’t happen next week, and either way I first mean to install The Witcher 2 and get it to run on just about minimum settings to import the save from the end of the first one and then save again right at the beginning with it imported, keeping that save for whenever I’ll have a good enough computer to play it properly, but I definitely aim to do it by the end of the month. That doesn’t mean it’ll work out that way, but at least I have some notes to rely on, which should make it somewhat more manageable.

Otherwise, as I was saying, my trial for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 finished on March 7, so I had to pair something else with Comodo Firewall 8 at that point, and that something was G DATA Antivirus. That was a rather rushed decision, since I initially meant to try one that’s generally seen as a poorer choice at the moment and was thinking of Panda Antivirus Pro 2015, but then I noticed that a firewall was included in that, as it seems to be the case for McAfee AntiVirus Plus as well, and I feared conflicts even if I’ll disable it, so I had to quickly find another option and decided on this with little time to spare.
Uninstalling Kaspersky took a while, but that was largely my fault, as instead of following the instructions and turning off the Anti-Virus and then running the tool normally, I first tried to run it in safe mode, twice, and it didn’t seem to do much of anything, as it tries to use something that can’t run in safe mode. After that, I had to run it twice normally as well, since the first time Comodo really didn’t like what it was trying to do and I apparently couldn’t give permissions fast enough, but finally the fourth time it worked out all right and seemed to clean up after itself very well.
As for G DATA, at first it seemed to have a more significant impact on performance, but between scanning everything once or twice to have it remember that all those files and processes are safe and, possibly, me getting used to a few quirks, I’m now getting along quite fine with it as well, and it does seem to be a particularly powerful security product for a number of reasons. As such, I can easily continue this little, though scary, project, the plan currently being to move to Emsisoft Anti-Malware when this will end. Then, if everything goes well, I should have a new computer by the time that will also end, so I’ll decide what next depending on other factors.


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