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Switching to Emsisoft and Finishing Copying My Old BookCrossing Reviews

Strangely enough, though it otherwise correctly listed that it had one day left of the trial and continued to work, my G DATA Antivirus refused to update yesterday. Or, more exactly, it updated the last time Monday evening around 11:30 PM, an hour later reported that no updates were available, and after that it said my license was no longer valid, which I think it did three times before I noticed and set it to only update again after 23 more hours, which prompted it to try again five minutes later, with the same result. After that, since I didn’t change the settings again, it didn’t try to update again until I uninstalled it yesterday, shortly before midnight.
That seemed to go well enough, the actual uninstall process being over in seconds and not causing any issues. However, even after using the tool meant to clean up its traces in safe mode it still left some obvious ones, both in registry and on the HDD. The main ones were easy to remove manually, so I did that, leaving just the few registry entries that seemed to be services or drivers, which I don’t usually touch due to fearing that I may mess something up.
After that, Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 installed truly flawlessly. No issues, fast, not requiring any information to start the trial, allowing me to decide how to scan the system the first time and hitting the ground running, without even requiring a reboot. Of course, I did reboot anyway, doing manual updates both before and after to be sure and then getting worried when, later during the night, it seemed unable to update for a while, probably because it was trying to upload something and I was getting concerned too soon and trying something else, but none of that seemed needed.
What was needed, and may still be, was looking for balanced settings, as initially I did what I usually do and selected some strict ones, which caused it to start blocking programs, the fact that I allowed it to look them up not seeming to make any difference. Fortunately, I apparently finished eating and came back to the computer just as it was blocking BOINC from starting another SETI@home work unit and could allow it fast enough to prevent errors, and after that I set some permissions and made a few changes to the settings that so far seem to work well enough. The only obvious issue left is that it seems to take a long time to check any site it’s not sure of when it’s first visited, but it learns quickly and in fact it only seemed to do it last night, so at this point I think it shouldn’t be a problem in the long term. The lack of a few options I’m used to may be, however.

Moving on, I must mention that today I finally finished copying all my old reviews from BookCrossing to Goodreads. There seemed to be 17 of them left after the batch I did over a year ago and, despite meaning to give up starting after the first five or so, I pushed myself to go through all of them today, doing my best to look for the actual editions I read and cleaning up the text a little before copying. And then I also sorted out a few issues regarding what I had listed as owned there, though I only figured out how to do that properly later and therefore did it by removing an edition and adding another, resulting in the review date being changed to today as well.
And yes, I also copied all of those 17 quick reviews here as well, preserving the original ratings and some personal notes that I removed from what I ended up posting on Goodreads. Also added today was the one for The Tale of the Body Thief, since it was on the same page and it made sense not to skip it after copying Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned and Memnoch the Devil, even though it had somehow been copied to Goodreads before. And I also decided to split His Majesty’s Dragon, Throne of Jade and Black Powder War, which were in a single post so far.
Since I have 74 reviews on BookCrossing and, unless I’m missing something, had only copied ten of them here as well before today, there’s a lot more to do, and since I want to preserve parts I may have removed when copying there and also to check again and, if possible, do an even better job of identifying the exact editions read, it won’t exactly be quick and simple. Which, of course, also means I’m unlikely to want to continue anytime soon, but who knows. After all, it was very recently that I copied those read in May 2006, and the last statistics no longer appear to be in post 1000 anyway unless you check post numbers.


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