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ISP Issues, Gendarmerie’s Appeal, Computer, Book, Earth Day, Running and Being a Mess

Quite a number of things happened this week and the two events I’m considering attending tomorrow, or in fact today as it’s after midnight now when I’m posting this, may add to what I’d have to say, but those same events mean I’d only be able to post on Sunday if I won’t do so now and I still want to avoid Sunday updates. So I’ll try to cover everything in a relatively quick post, meaning I’ll rather rush from one topic to the other and skip details.

It actually started very early on Monday, somewhere roughly around 2 AM, when I was eating and noticed a brief power fluctuation and then, when I got back to my computer, saw I had no Internet access. Since it didn’t fix itself by the time I went to bed, I left dad a note to check after he wakes up as well and call the people from the network I’m in if it still doesn’t work, the note he left in turn saying he did call, at 9 AM, and they said it doesn’t work for anyone, not just for us, and they’re working on it. They obviously hadn’t fixed it by then, however, and by 3 PM I was getting quite concerned and worked up the courage to call myself and, though at first they didn’t answer, was told, when they called back, that they just managed to restore service to three buildings and, while they have no clear estimate, it should be fixed soon enough, and definitely by the end of the day.
Well, it still wasn’t working at 6 PM and I already had a call which I gathered had to do with the tentative order I had placed Saturday evening and the questions I had sent earlier, which meant that, even if I’d have been inclined to answer, it’d have been rather weird without checking my e-mail first. So I called again and the person who answered said he didn’t know what to tell me, because that power fluctuation damaged their server quite severely in spite of the fact that they do have an UPS and, after struggling for several hours to get it to work again for those three buildings, they can’t seem to get anywhere with the rest, so an hour later I gave in and checked my messages using dad’s mobile connection… Only to notice that the problem was finally fixed around 7:30 PM.

Speaking of dad and Monday, when he walked in that evening he gave me an envelope marked as having to do with legal matters, which obviously meant I finally got the papers announcing me of the Gendarmerie’s appeal, which had been filed and I had known about since August. Somewhat fortunately, it seems I have 25 days to respond to it, not only ten, so I can simply put it away for now and get back to it after the other matters will be sorted out. Still, though I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read what they supposedly base their claim on, I’m sure I’ll be far less amused when I’ll actually need to write and submit that response, and even less so if I’ll need to think about a witness once again and, obviously, when I’ll actually need to go to Court.

Tuesday can be said to have been dedicated to sorting some things out regarding the new computer I’m finally about to get, as that’s what the order and questions mentioned above were about. Though I had checked the box, stated the request not to be called in the comments and then said yet again, in my reply to the e-mail received in response to my questions from someone from another department, that I can’t usually be found if called, I was not only called yet again but also told by e-mail to really try to pick up. So between an awkward call that was confusing for both me and the person who called, as I was just trying to get it over with as soon as possible without doing too much damage, and a few e-mails, exchanged with both the shop and with ASRock, I began putting things together, though matters were only settled Thursday.
Unfortunately, they weren’t settled the way I wanted them, as neither the case I had initially picked nor any OEM copy of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium could be brought, being told they had checked with all their suppliers and they have no information about any more coming in the near future either, though they were both in stock only a week or two ago. So, when it came to the case I had to very grudgingly, due to the amount of black on the front and the useless external HDD slot that will just be a dust reservoir, make do with another, which actually was the only one available that wasn’t black or otherwise very dark and had the front USB ports actually in front and not on top, where I won’t be able to reach them, with the computer being inside the desk. On the other hand, I had to simply remove the Windows from the order, which doesn’t affect me but means dad will stay on XP for now and next year, if I actually will get a better computer then and give him the one purchased now, he’ll have to either switch to Windows 10 or make do with a “pirated” copy of 7.
Since this was supposed to be a relatively quick post and it rather got away from me already, I won’t go into detail regarding the components or the reasons why I picked them, but I’ll be doing that after I’ll get it… Which will be soon enough, because the plan that said between May 4 and 7 went down the drain when, Thursday afternoon, I was told I’ll be able to pick it up Friday after 4 PM. I had told them I wanted it later, which was also one reason why I was trying to delay decisions and pressing them for estimated delivery dates for what wasn’t available, but it didn’t seem to matter, so while I obviously didn’t go yet, I will be going next week, on the first day when dad will be able to come with me early enough. May well be Monday.

In between all of that, Wednesday I went to pick up Blood of Tyrants and, as expected, got quite lost on the way. Won’t describe exactly how here, but I made a map for anyone interested, showing how I went the wrong way after exiting the metro station and then, though I realized it after a while, decided not to turn around, instead going around in order to get back to the street I should have reached. Not that doing so sorted out my confusion, as you can see I couldn’t quite figure out which turns to take, thinking I had missed streets before actually reaching them, and then even going the long way around after actually reaching the shop, as the only sign was a tiny sticker next to the gate and I missed it at first. Eventually got in after turning back before a large dog lying in the middle of the road, trying the gate only to find it locked and finding that sticker on a buzzer after looking harder.
After that, I attended an embarrassingly tiny Earth Day event which was only announced by a few activists the evening before. When I got there, at 5:10 PM, so ten minutes after it was supposed to start, I only found four people talking, and in the end perhaps ten or so attended, and even that only briefly. So pretty much the only thing that happened was that one person displayed some signs and I added mine among them for a while as the rest tended to chat away and I actually pulled out the book and started reading. When I left, around 6:10 PM, I think only three were left and the other person was gathering his signs as well, but at least a handful of people, apparently including a reporter, had stopped by then to ask what was going on.

And this didn’t only fail to be the relatively quick post I initially intended, with each issue being tackled in one paragraph, but ended up something I couldn’t even finish by 1 AM, when I went to eat. Still, not much left, so I’ll now continue by mentioning that Thursday I also went for another run on the track and actually managed to beat last week’s time of 24:05 for the ten laps. Didn’t think I’ll do that for a long time, since I assumed it’ll get warmer and I didn’t intend to push as hard as I did then towards the end, with that final lap in only 2:05, but the weather was quite cool again and I didn’t try to pace myself so much, so the total time was now 23:20. In addition, I once again managed 2:05 in the last lap, and 2:10 in the one before it, without feeling that I was pushing quite that hard, so I have a little more time in me even now, if I’d care to try harder. Don’t exactly mean to, however, though I am firmly considering changing the typical target time, as in what I’ll aim for even when it’ll be hotter, from 30 minutes to 25.

Through it all, and in fact starting last week, I have slept very poorly and, especially considering the need to talk on the phone and also the e-mails exchanged, was, and still am, quite a mess. Even more so than usual, I mean, and what’s set to happen over the coming days and weeks makes it obvious that the situation won’t improve even if the sleep problem would somehow be solved. And it doesn’t seem to be, since it seems to become next to impossible to find the kitchen empty during the day, so if I happen to wake up to go to the bathroom when nobody seems to be around I also go and grab something to eat, and then I can’t get back to sleep. And naps in the evening seem to work less and less as well, as noise from either my parents or the cats keeps waking me up, especially since my senses tend to become particularly alert when I’m exhausted, which makes it rather notable to even get as much as six hours of sleep per day, split in two or three parts.


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