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Quick Review: Blood of Tyrants

Happy to say that the series does seem to be picking back up towards its conclusion, Tongues of Serpents left behind as its forgettable low point. Plenty of important events and action, characters going a long way, both literally and figuratively, many of the annoying elements having to do with most humans and a few of the dragons largely or even completely eliminated and the stage certainly appearing set for quite a grand finale.
The book‘s back cover is somewhat misleading however, leading to quite a surprise at one point, which is a trick I’m not sure how to see, but at least the story doesn’t dwell on its awkward parts, in fact navigating past them quite skillfully. The amnesia remains, from my point of view, an unnecessary and cliché complication, but it may be that the author needed it in order to sort of reset the story and get herself back into it after a poorer period. In which case, considering the end result, I’ll say it was worth it.

Rating: 4/5


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