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Quickly, About the New Computer and the Old, Reading and Running

A long post about the new computer should be coming, but whether I’ll manage to make it into a Sunday update this week or not I have no idea. May even end up not writing it at all, since there’s already too much to say and I ranted about it to the few people who talk to me, but we’ll see. What’s clear is I won’t be writing it now, but really should throw something here quickly, if only to avoid needing to do so Saturday and Sunday and end up without any sort of buffer whatsoever this week.
So what I’ll say now is that I reinstalled Windows yesterday and hope I won’t have to do it again. After all, the first time it was clearly meant as a test, or a period during which to test things, so after a month of that I should now know what works and how and be more at ease. Only, of course, I’m not, because I was too afraid to test much of anything and I hardly knew much more than I did the first time around, so I avoided a few issues but found myself stumbling right into others, which actually make me even more concerned than I was before.

As for the old computer, put the faster HDD, with the Windows that used to be there, back on it and started it again, meaning to let it run for probably slightly over a day and a half and get itself over three million SETI@home credits, as that was nagging me ever since I saw I had switched to this one when it was less than 2000 under that threshold. However, for some reason it seems that once I reinstalled BOINC on this one as well, it considered it to be the old one, redownloading the same work units, considering them abandoned the first time around, and replacing the computer information, despite the obviously different hardware. So I just turned it off, using this one to get the old one over three million credits, but I want a solution and tomorrow I hope to find it, because I want the old computer’s details back where they belong and then to give it a proper “retirement”, this one going back to its own entry.

Otherwise, still reading The Name of the Wind and hope to finish it Sunday. Which, of course, also gives me an excuse to delay that long post even longer, if I’ll manage to finish it early enough to post a quick review for it as the week’s second post. It’s worth far more than that, as it’s an absolutely outstanding book, the fact that I’m reading it so slowly not being its fault in the least, but my excuse will be that I’ll just throw a couple of paragraphs there for my own use, the thousands upon thousands of reviews otherwise available making yet another one otherwise completely pointless.

And to also add this here while it’s still before midnight, ran another 12 and a half laps this week. This time did it normally, on the second lane except for the last lap, and even then I could only switch to the first around the middle of the first turn, as I had to pass someone who was on it and not much slower than me. As such, I actually ran more than last week, when I mostly stuck to the first lane, and the fact that I was a mere two seconds slower under these circumstances means I was in fact faster in terms of actual speed. Hardly had anything more in me, however, the last lap being covered in almost exactly two minutes, so slower than the 1:50 managed last time, but leaving me just about completely drained. The other laps were at an even pace, around 2:20, dropping to around 2:15 a few times and only once going to about 2:25. The 200 meters at the start were covered in just under one minute.


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