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Another Little Report on Reading, Playing and Running

Halfway through The Wise Man’s Fear as of yesterday, so at least it should still take be about three weeks to finish, as embarrassing as that is. Was thinking of going to the park today and reading some more there, possibly also taking my camera and waiting for my Pluto Time if the sky will be clear, but decided against it, even though I’m not sure I’ll get a better opportunity over the next week or more. I guess there’s still plenty of time for that…

Otherwise, found myself installing Age of Wonders last night, since it was free on GOG.com a while back, and today I started poking at it after waking up and found that a good three hours just vanished as I did the tutorial and then, after a few early failures and a lot of time wasted to make sure I did everything just right in the end, finished the first scenario of the campaign. So I guess I’ll be playing this now, though I did start it before, around 2003, and remember bringing it when I moved in with Andra, but then abandoned it rather quickly for some reason, though it should suit my playing style well enough.
Also played through another year of my current attempt at King of Dragon Pass last evening, making a stupid mistake simply because I clicked on the wrong side and didn’t realize it, but I just went with it and hope I’ll bounce back. Though I guess the first thing I should hope for is that I’ll continue, as I definitely mean to win a long game on it within at most a year, and preferably before the end of this year, and then I’ll want to review it too.

As for this week’s run, went Tuesday evening, to see how full the track is at that time, as during the summer it’s unlikely to be a good idea to try during the afternoon. And it was indeed quite full, but still manageable, so I ran another 12 and a half laps in just about the same time as the previous three times, even though the Sun wasn’t beating down on me anymore. Stopwatch said 28:21.84, but for once I may have stopped it marginally before crossing the line. Then again, likely started it slightly before crossing the start line, so probably evens out, just that I likely don’t need to deduct time anymore.


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