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Focused on New Horizons and Keeping Legs Busy

Been focused on New Horizons lately, following releases, posts, comments, answers, briefings, and also doing my best to help a little by answering as many questions as I could on the mission’s Facebook page. I still have the team’s latest reddit AMA to go through, and I plan to do just that after I post this, so it’ll be as quick and short as I can make it.
There will be a post about New Horizons and Pluto later this week, or at least that’s the plan. I was actually meaning to try writing it today, since there don’t seem to be any new data releases planned and the next briefing is scheduled for tomorrow, but after waking up so early and staying up, I’ll see about getting to that over the weekend and right now I’m just putting something here to get the week’s first post out of the way, I guess. I’m trying to function on barely three hours of sleep again anyway, though at least yesterday I actually managed about eight, which was unfortunately highly unusual.

Other than that, Tuesday I also ran, again taking advantage of a somewhat cooler day and a little rain. Unlike last week, the sky had cleared by the time I went out and the Sun wasn’t exactly nice, so it’d be more appropriate to say that it was just less hot, but at least a good part of the route around the lake in the park is in the shade, and it still wasn’t crowded, though there were of course far more people than the previous time. Also, in spite of my legs feeling slightly tired because of what I’ll mention next, I actually pushed and managed to shave another four seconds off my first and so far best time through the park, being done in 22:15.

As for Monday, I walked a good 18.5 kilometers, at least according to Google Maps, as I decided to go on foot first to pick up the copy of Prince Lestat I had ordered and then, from there, to the activists’ meeting. I had calculated that the entire route, which showed up as having 11.2 kilometers, should take me about two and a half hours, but gave myself an additional hour to allow for getting lost and therefore left at 3:30 PM… And ended up in front of the club where the meeting was to take place an hour early, at 6 PM, despite having a look at the prices of two restaurants that were in the area and actually taking a wrong turn on the way and ending up on the longest of the three routes I could have taken.
I then filled another 30 minutes or so by using the middle route to get back to the place where I had taken that wrong turn and coming around again on the shortest, so I’ll see which turns to take if I’ll ever need to do this again. That still left me with some 25 minutes to waste despite walking slowly, so I pretty much simply stood around nearby for about 15 minutes and then made my way there, entering at about 6:50 PM, when two others walked up to me from behind. We then had a good 20 minutes to wait until the next two arrived, though in the end some 30 people attended.


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